Wow I did a lot in two days.  

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7/27/2005 10:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wow I did a lot in two days.

Check this out...

The things I did ..

1 - Actually got angry enough to not only act like the poser that challenged me.. By not even listening to my own words on hitting the denie switch.

2 - Then fixed it by deleting those entries.. course that was several hours later.

3 - Acted like a damn stalker (course that was how I felt) to figure out how I had screwed up.

4 - removed an article I wrote in the magazine.. Because it was infected by a poser..

Sorry kiethcancook - but you are NOT the poser... I know that just gets your goat.. But no you have as always been enjoyable to read.. Both in your blogs.. and In comments you have left on my blog as well as others..

5 - Road my motorbike all around Irving.. Although it was raining...

6 - And when all is said and done.. to those of you whom have always been polite.. Thank you..

7 - Those that have been a friend... Thank you..

I feel rested.. And calm.. And still enjoy blogging..

Hey what can I say.. It is a great way to release emotions..

You all take care.

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