Welcome to the neighborhood party,  

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8/16/2005 2:28 pm

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Welcome to the neighborhood party,

We moved into a real nice neighborhood. Moving in day was hot, the sweat poured off of us as we were bringing in all our belongings. My wife and I both in our early 30’s were enjoying life. The welcoming committee popped in, all women of course. They bee lined to my wife to chat and I was left with all the work as they took her to the pool. After a few hours she returned and told me about all the nice people. She went for a swim, forgot a bathing suit so they offered one up to her. It just about fit on her, luckily it was a bikini. Her breasts moved out the sides and her ass almost swallowed up the backside of the panty bottom. Since it was all women in the pool She figured what the heck. The others wore one piece and two piece suits. The water was refreshing. Sharon ( one of the other ladies) wore this one piece that looked like a second skin. As she ran her hand over the material it felt silky and so thin. When she entered the water it was a little see-thru, just enough to tease
anyone watching. She must have been shaved smooth because there was no
lumpy mound between her legs to show thru the bathing suit.
Later that day Sharon invited us to the Friday night get together. I was back from town and hurried to clean up. As I was showering she
ran in with me. Soaping me up made it made her horny so she took me hands, soaped me up and made it hard for a quick ride. We ran all wet to the bed and with her legs spread open, heels on the sheets, I pushed into her. I love how she moves with me. My shaft moving side to side and up and over her outer lips. Her juices started to show on my cock.
Reaching over to kiss her, she took my cock head and moved it between her pussy lips. Moving closer to her with my body I slipped into her horny body. Before I could fully enter her, she had mini repeating
orgasm that made her legs weak under me. As we kissed her orgasms were
clamping around my cock. She could feel the head inside her this time.
Orgasms subsiding, I started to ram her hard. She loves a hard fuck when she is excited. She was cumming again in minutes I pushed my cock harder slipping in and out faster and faster feeling my large testicles slapping her ass. She was hot each time I pressed against her. Before she finished her orgasm I started to cum.
Walking into the Party, she was a little sore inside her pussy, we were greeted by a few couples. If they only knew we just fucked and my juice
was still inside her. The DJ played wonderful music. My wife, she love’s the slow songs. We sat with Sharon and her husband and another couple. The drinks were moving pretty fast. I decided to stop and walk them off outside.

It was a great Welcome to the neighborhood party.

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