Up2nogood - a friend I met  

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7/6/2005 9:52 pm

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Up2nogood - a friend I met

First because she will probably be very embarassed when she see's I posted this here. This entry is totally dedicated to her because she said somethings that I think we all fail to forget. And me... I did exactly that. But thanks to comments like hers that i am going to share with everyone...soon... It kind of gives me a kick in the butt like the one keithcancook gave me..

Soo up2nogood thank you and I hope you see this...

tao i only started really talkin to you last night an the words you wrote touched my heart completly. it makes me feel better an shit i dont know that this makes any sense at all but theres something deep within me right now that says that if i dont explore a friendship with you that i will have lost a great source of joy an wisdom. call me a fool if you wish but i cant let this go you have stuck in my head since your first few words to me last night that this mornin i got up an looked for you then had to remember your whole handle so i could find your blogs lookin for more of your writting..what i found is remarkable (gosh i just realized that all will be able to read this but what the hell) im able to see within you by your words an have them touch me deeply..there is a reason to take your meds there is a reason to keep on fighting my dear that reason is at least in part to share your stuggles an those of whom you know to help others find a healing way. i have lost many in my life and each time i come to what i think is the end of the road i discover that i have helped someone not for myself but for the ones that are lost. and having helped that person make.after having seen you around poly a few times speakin only to others...

This was truly heartfelt statement from this young lady. Thank you soo much up2nogood

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