Trapped in my Mind  

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6/16/2005 2:44 pm

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Trapped in my Mind

I spent years in the military. I loved it. I would have retired from it. Or been shot in this second ordeal going on in Iraq like some of my buddies that stayed in.

You see, when I got out of the military. I was given my own will back. In the military your will means nothing. You do not get free will. In the military you are promised four hours of sleep a day, they also let you know that it does not have to be all at one time.

Because of my dedication to my job I became a good GI. Volunteering for excercises, and would do anything I was told by my command. Without question.

Now I go sometime 2 -3 days on four hours of sleep. Thanks to my excellent military service. Don't get me wrong if you are reading this. I love the Military. It was the best job I ever had. AND WILL NEVER MATCH THE EXPERIENCE i RECIEVED.

bUT BECAUSE OF JERKS THAT TRY TO QUESTION MY PAST. I get to remember one more time what my job was. And learn that I will never forget what my job was. It was good thing to. because I was at a point where I thought that I was going to be allowed out of my hell. Thanks to one complete jerk.

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