Thoughts of laughter, pain, arousal, helplessness, etc, etc,.  

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6/20/2005 5:38 pm

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Thoughts of laughter, pain, arousal, helplessness, etc, etc,.

The title of this blog fits soooo well. Why This morning I came in my Blog thanking sensualkatey, and asianlady4love for words posted on their blogs hit home. ANd ment a lot.

Well, (Everyone knows that is a bad way to launch into a story). I got all feeling good and went out reading and commenting on blogs. And trust me there is some good shit out there. Each blog with different cry, laugh, get angry, disbelief thoughts and words in them.

The disturbing part is that I went to goddessof dawn's blog (which I go maybe once a week), I do this to see how she is doing, and read like everyone else. Only to find that some one had hurt her feelings. And I posted my support, and gave her huggin type words to her. Then I went to sexyfitwoman's blog and she had a letter how angry she was that another blogger or AdultFriendFinder person had the nerve to make un-needed insults to coffeemanker00's email. Now I didn't even know coffeemaker00. And went to her site. That woman is not only got a hot body.bbut had I done anything more than skim her blog.. I would have had to sit in a tub of ice because cold showers would not have helped. But what I liked about sexyfitwoman's blog is she didn't say who was doing it. But she brought it to the forefront of everyone that reads bloggs, and writes them. That people attacked coffeemaker00 because her stories she writes.

I seen a lot of that in different blogs. People if you think the blog is no appropriate. Get out of the blog. Come on people. Why would you attack some one calling them names. You can disagree with a statement or if they ask what do you think you comment on the article. But you do not need to verbally abuse the writer.

Oh i did go to kiethcancook, ahh this brought so many memories of stupid young male deeds. it was great. Keep it going Ken.

I went to quite a few today.. my memory is not very good do to teenage years drug abuse, lol...

Keep blogging people. Don't allow a jerk to ruin a thought. You people are so awesome in the care you share for each other.

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

6/21/2005 5:18 am


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