The Lake and Dogs  

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6/29/2005 9:24 pm

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The Lake and Dogs

The fun things about water, pets, and being medicated...

See, I don't know if any one but me ever notices how your pets seem to know you are rither drunk, ill, or taking medicine to help you. BUt mine all do.

Lets go down the list.

1) Lil 'B' (the weener dog) - She came up to me sniffed and stood on her hind legs till I picked her up and she was satisfied I was okay. She came in and out of my room all day sleeping next to me till I was able to focus and get some milk in me.

2) Highway (3 month old female pit pup) SHe has no idea what is going on but she is going to jump up and down and till I scratch her behind and give her a little kiss. During sleep she woke me up by chewing on my face or hand to let me know I need to move once in a while.

3) Awana (SHe is now 9 month old Pit pup) SHe is the mother of the house. The guardian for everyone there. ANd though she has stupid days.. SHe is a practical joker. From the dragging me into the lake while I was asleep. To today. I was asleep a lot do to medication. My nightmares have never been as bad as they are right now. But my everlasting protector. Has jumped into the center of my back to wake me up. To like this afternoon.. She slapped me in the face with her paw.. She is luck I was medicated.. I woke up to see my dog, standing on the side of the bed on hind legs, and raising her paw in the air to hit me again.. You see. That doesn't sound so bad until you see her smile. It is hilarious.

I love these three. They are working very hard. Best nurses I could ever have.

Lil 'B' is sitting here next too me watching the screen and the keyboard as I type. And if you blow real quick at the side of her face. SHe will look at you out of the corner of her eye,. And give you a WTF look while doing so.. Too much character these three.

Well that is all for now. Hugs too all the ladies and ^5's to the men.

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