Suggestion for Ladies  

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Suggestion for Ladies

This was post in comment section of EE407's blog

by Canada5554 shared this one with me yesterday. He said I reminded him of it.

God made the earth and rested,
God made man and rested,
God made women,
Neither God nor man has rested since.

*** mmmm, is still trying to figure out of this is or is not a compliment, LOL ***

I went ahead and posted a comment that will choke me more.

But since it fit good with what I havae been writting about here already. So I borrowed it.

Look.. Ladies.. there are two things you can do to get your man to do everything you need done on that honey do list. And get this niether require sex. Or bribery..

*** You need him to get something done?
*put a list up of things you need done.
*If he is some one that causes more damage while he is fixing it stuff.
*Leave him alone. Don't tease or make fun of him.
*Go some where til it is fixed. If you handle him this way he will call a professional.
* if you tease, laugh, or poke at him. He will keep try until he fixes the problem everytime.

***** When he get something done..
** Give him an ataboy compliment.
** Compliments give men ego boosters. AKA the need to want to do more on the list for you.

You may say "I am not his mother. He wants some one to say good boy.. Tell him to go home to mama."

My answer to you is.. Most mom's do what I suggested here. Out of motherly instinct"

But fail to do it to their husbands. That is why woman always ask their Mother in-law "How does your mother get you to do everythiing she asks. Bercause no matter what her child does she always say's how nice of a job he did.

Think about it.

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