Mountain getaway Pt1  

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6/18/2005 5:38 pm

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Mountain getaway Pt1

Back in 2001. I met this lady friend and decided to take her to my cabin in the mountains. I had been seeing her for a quite a long while now. She and I had spent many wonderful times getting to know one another. The two of us had always talked about the future and how things might look for us. It wasn’t until that weekend at the cabin that I actually thought she could be the one for me.
I am not the kind of guy that thinks sex is everything in a relationship. Not by a long shot. I do feel it is one of the more expressive forms couples have to show one another how they feel. This of course might only be a male’s side of things. But then I am the only one writing, aren’t I? To be with a woman in so many ways at once is bliss. To touch her hands while you walk down the water front or to hold her shoulder in a movie. Every touch and every graze of the skin shows her how you feel.
How can I tell you about her? She has a wonderful personality and smile. Two things I adore more then most. Her body may not make it in the magazines, but then I don’t read them for the pictures anyway. Her skin is soft and silky like how your hands feel in a bubble bath. Kissing her lips and feeling the heat of her tongue on mine sends shivers down my back even now. And her mind may be a little in the dark at times but she makes up for it with interest and wonder. She is the best I have.
We, in my eyes, had a fantastic sex life. We can share our fantasies and desires with each other freely and talk about most anything we want. She is just as horny as I am sometimes and it drives me wild when she lets her lust take charge. Sometimes it gets so bad; I have to play with myself before I can sleep at night. Just thinking about how sexy she can be makes my member swell with desire. Her light touch caressing my body gives me goose bumps and the way she kisses over my lips and nibbles at my ears drives me wild. Just holding her close and engaging in a long passionate kiss will make my loins yearn for her body to surround me. Let me tell you how great it is. She has the softest kisses and the most loving licks you could imagine. Watching her run her tongue over my hard shaft makes every hair on my body gasp. It’s the most erotic thing I could imagine.
We had always talked about taking a trip to a cabin together just the two of us together and have some nice relaxation time by ourselves. She told me that a mountain get away would be perfect. The cabin I picked out was pretty simple. It had a fire place and a few tables and chairs. A sofa and a bed in the corner. It looked more like a one room house from the prairie then a cabin. But it was cold and crisp like a cabin should be. We put our things away and started a fire. The warm flames made out stiff bodies a bit more limber as the heat let us strip out of our heavy winter clothes. I made us some hot chocolate and we sat down together in front of the warm fire. It had been a long drive and we were both a little tired. We decided to get into our pjs and call it a night.
As I unpacked my flannels my focus was attracted to the fire place. It was her and she was over next to the fire taking her clothes off right in front of the fire. I could not help but watch as she slowly lifted her sweater over her head and dropped it on the floor next to her. Her large luscious breasts shined in the fired light and made me forget about my bags.

Sigeress 55F

6/19/2005 6:46 am

what an awesome and erotic story, loved it

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