Massage oils and massage  

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7/1/2005 1:12 am

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Massage oils and massage

Massages done correctly and with right combination of oils do a lot of good for creating good oxygen flow in the blood stream.

The one massage I teach clients to do is a foot massage. Using just simple warmed baby oil. This is a fantastic massage and what is so awesome about it is. You can give it to one another at the same time.

simply sit on the couch, (put a sheet or cover on couch to catch any drop oil, or oil that drips out of your hands.) put your feet in one anothers lap, pour oil into your hand, and massage each others foot one at a time. To do a correct and beneficial massage it is heel to toe hard. and bring hands back to heel gently. Get a timer so you do the same amount for each foot. You should massage 15 - 20 minutes per foot. Then put some socks on your partners foot. and they will love you in the morning when they feel so much better and relaxed.

Also the sock does more than stop you from rubbing of the oil. It allows your feet to soak in the oil. Helping to get rid of those dry skins on feet. If you have some one with athletes foot problem. Have them wash their feet reel good. Then have them use babyoil on your feet and you use the athletes foot lotion on their feet. And watch the foot fungus disapear in a couple of massages.

Awesome stuff the masssage

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