Looking and gazing at one Another - continued  

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7/3/2005 9:34 pm

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Looking and gazing at one Another - continued

I managed to get your shirt un-tucked and started slowly sliding my hand up the front, when I felt hands gently push mine away. "Arrrrrrgh," I screamed in my mind. Slowly, you raised your hand to the top button of the blouse and unbuttoning it with exquisite slowness. You did it in a way to make it look like a classic strip tease. Things were looking up. I leaned into help you. And you giggle, pushing me back slowly, dancing, and humming at the same time. When you finished undoing all the buttons and slipped the blouse from your shoulders, you stopped, and just stood there, arms at your side holding the blouse in one hand. You are breath takingly beautiful standing before me in your plain white bra, and that along with the tight blue jeans you are wearing. Your hair pulled over the front of your right shoulder, I felt that a dream I had longed for was standing before me. I was so entranced in the dance, and watching you. That I was scared to move or say anything. Fearing if I did. I would wake up, and you would disappear before my eyes. You grinned seductively at me. You looked like Fashion Model. I smiled back.
You then Reached behind yourself to unclasp the bra , the dance began again, sliding it over your arms and dropping it to the floor. I looked into your eyes “You are so magnificent.” Was all that I could manage to say, sitting on the couch, and the vision to admire, the view, my mind was still having trouble focusing on that you are real. That you and I are here now. you smiled bigger and asked, "Is this what you wanted?" striding forward. You instinctively looked around first as if to check and see that no one was around and undid the top button on your jeans. You put your fingers on the zipper then hesitated. I thought I was going to stop breathing.

By the way -- this story was inspired by Asianlady4love..

I figured since it was her that had once told me to do a story with no body part mentioning. and write and image. I would try.. So again. Let me know.


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so do I

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