Just wait until tonight  

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6/12/2005 4:52 pm

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Just wait until tonight

When I was 21 years old I met my wife thinking I had found love. And I would climb up a telephone pole while I was in the field and splice into a phone cable to get a line open just to call her and say to her "If You Think You Know what love is. Just wait until tonight I am on my way home. For our bodies will feel as one, and our hearts will unite. I would sit at the top of a pole each time I knew I was headed back home. We would talk until they found me or until my feet got tired hanging there with spikes dug in. I would continue on saying "I will put your mind at ease as we sit down to share a sip of wine." I would be in such a romantic mood. "For tonight we will each say in our hearts to the other you will be mine." But as we time continued I thought our love would to. Only to find that nothing in Love is true. If you think you know love than I will say to you now. Only an arogant fool will use the word "Just wait until tonight."
Love is a four letter word that we as people rate higher than we should. People use everything in their brain to convince others of its magic. They will use it in sentences like 'I will love you tonight. I will thrill you with ecstasy and passion. FIll your body with pleasurable delight.'
I am here to let you know 'For in my eyes you will see what Love means to me and with these words in your mind you will possibly agree that I had fallen victim of to what young love might be.
So if you think you know love. Let me say this 'When you meet the person of your dreams you will share a feeling of magic and love . And no matter what you read hear you will pay it no mind. Because love is an incurable disease that no thought, action, deed, or medication can stop. And it will infect you the same as all other. You shall stand under a bright moonlight and use words similar to these.
" You are my one and true mate. Let me give to my love. One that I swear will be true." The two of you will grab each other by the hand and smile and grin when you realize there's so much more in store.
Once in bed.

taodoug65 51M
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6/21/2005 4:28 pm

Good luck in your quest.

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