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6/15/2005 7:51 pm

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I hate this feeling of being all alone. Its one that’s what I see will always. I sit on my front porch in the evenings.
I hate this feeling of being alone. No one to share this evening with me. To sit while listening to the birds in the trees.
I know that there is a new life I must find.
When I am alone I pray for this new life to be kind.
I moved away and left my friends, my work, and my home. The only consolation the time I spend with my kids.
It’s ok the help is the time. Until I meet some one to share my time. They have gone for the summer, it makes it hard. These nights when I am completely alone. But no matter at least I’m sure they’ll at least phone.
Every time I try to meet some one I worry. Do I seem to needy, will I scare them away. I try so hard not to be pushy, easy, or hard.

I hope soon I’ll find some one. And shake this feeling of being alone. Some time soon I hope the time, I meet a woman. And we will go out.
But for right know I can’t shake this feeling of being alone. I’m getting tired of searching, and soon no I will need a rest. I promised my children that all I can promise is to do my best. But each day that goes by I remember this feeling of pain and alone deep in my chests.
Lord, I thank you.

rm_talentedass 62F

6/17/2005 12:18 pm

It is hard being alone, but you don't actually have to be alone to feel alone. I too look forward to the time spent with my kids...although they do have their own lives and I just wait for them to have the time to spend with me! I'd love to just talk with you.

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