Blogging and Comments  

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7/14/2005 12:11 am

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Blogging and Comments

Several times I have spoken with blogger's or read about another blogger being angry over the other..

Let's get a few things here.. Because obviously some are not getting the idea..

1) Critcizing anothers blog is okay.. as long as you do not use abusive or bad language at the person you criticize. *** me I careless.**

2) If some one is abusive towards you.. then Make the pain go away.. You have the power to ban anyone from making comments or veiwing your blog.. ***but when you do ** shoot that person an email in AdultFriendFinder.. when they apologize for the language.. You will post their apology and lift the ban.

3) Look - it is simple people. Your blogs you post and allow people to read.. It is your house that you built. Which means.. if the walked into you RL house you would kick them out till they apologized ot not even let them in.. The blog you create is the same. It is your mind.. Hence .. it is your house .. Bloggers and those that comment ... should be respectful in words they use in some ones blog..

These are my own thoughts.. Course personally if you cuss at me in my blogg.. Yeah I am going to ban you.. But I also look at that person as being just a big a coward as to talk trash over the phone.. Cowards can be abusive all they want making comments in some ones blogg. The other thing is.. only a little P--- B----. Would do it anyhow..

So for those that have had this happen. A polite critic should always be welcomed.. The others you treat like a peace of trash.. Ban it.


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