!999 WHizzer MotorCycle.. Kicked my ass  

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7/26/2005 7:49 pm

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!999 WHizzer MotorCycle.. Kicked my ass

I don't have Anyone to take a pic with me on or next to my 1999 Whizzer Motorcycle.. So the one I found out on the web here and kind of trashed it to make it a funner looking (You can tell I was asleep during the part where they taught how to use thaT PAINT BRUSH WINDOW PROGRAM IN msn.

Any a friend down the street.. Him and I check spark plug replaced battery.. Everything... Then another neighbor he is an ex motor pool sergent come down to see what us idiots were doing. and right out he says "Doug.. Did you all clean the carborator... Me and Donnie looked at each " Fuck it.." So this morning I went got some deisel to the carberator. blam

All full of crap..Put it back together and now we are running. The whole damn streets been out there riding the blasted thing.. It was awesome.. But me my hands are soar. damn are they soar from being to stupid to wear gloves.

Now I know for some it may not be that big a deal.. But working on that stupid bike and getting it running brought 5 families out of the house.. To bullshit, and hem an and haw over a silly old fashion crank start motor bike.. And every one including the grandma got on it at least once just to ride around the block.. And back..

When neighbors come out like that.. It really lets you know that neighborhood get togethers are not all dead yet...

It was great..

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