What you would like to say but don't  

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5/22/2005 9:11 pm

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What you would like to say but don't

Us guys are very uncertain about what we want to say to those we love. Like years ago when I was working as an engineer for GTE and had to travel from Location to location.. Comming home on the weekend to see her and my kids.. I always thought about corney, ham it up stuff I would say but never had the courage too. Always thinking she would laugh.. Why do women wait until you are out of their life to compliment there husbands? It would be for the same reason that we wait until they are are gone from our lives that all the what if's start comming to the surface.

Just for fun I thought I would say some thing like this over the fun------- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
CLose your EYES
by dgh
I can't be with you tonight
But if you close your eyes
think of me
I will be there beside you in the kitchen
watching you as you wear my shirt
standing at the sink
the early morning sun
coming through the window.
I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom
waiting anxiously on the bed.
Just close your eyes
and think of me.
Re-live these conversations in your head.
I'll stand by you in the bathroom
An unlikely place to meet.
I'll smile at you playfully
as you brush your teeth
I will be the light in your darkness.
Please never stop what you are doing
You only have to watch it glow
shining steady through and through
To know all this..
You know all I think of is you.

Now that is pretty hammy. But it will be read. And women and guys a like will say he or she loves it when I talk like that. We all know you ladies like it. And guys know they can say it. So make sure when you spouse gets all deep. Show them the love that is deserved... Even if the effort could use some polishing..Because seriously folks.. When your spouses romantic skills start really surfacing.. It doesn't do any good after you have run out the door.

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