People -- I hear a lot of how things have changed  

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5/24/2005 2:10 am

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People -- I hear a lot of how things have changed

You know when I was growing up I heard the words my generations is more dangerous.. We were using harsher drugs..We had no feelings for life..We were not scared to shoot one another. Now I am older we will say. And I hear people say that genX is more dangerous..using drugs that are more dangerous.. getting weapons and shooting each other..with no regret over loss of life.. Come on.. Things didn't change.. I even heard some body sayhow pot and drugs were not as prevelant as the are now.. Let me tell you I knew as many vets from world war II that were hyped up on morphin, marijuana, and cocaine. As vietnam vets were hooked on valliumn, acid, morphin, shrooms, cocaine, and speed. Then the 70's came about and crystal meth was added in... And guess what everyboyd is now crying over crack cocaine that was introduced in the early 80's.. TYhey say guns are easier to get,,, people. people, people.. All that is going on is old news.. It is just people are waking up. that did it back then..Those that did drugs back then became grandparents, and parents.. We just know what to look for better, then osome of our parents is all. Guns haven't changed, and people haven't changed. It is only one thing that changed all the bad igrls and boys grew up .. You know what to look for.. you can use your experience to help those of today,, stop.. It is up to you to quit making excuses that things are more dangerous now.. I don't think either guns or drugs are a good thing. I know I played with both. ANd got lucky. I went in the army to change my life and watched a lot of friends that didn't change their life passaway. don't make excuses. deal with it. that is all that is needed. Oh and by the way... there is another sexy profile to add to the nominatins. but i forgot the name she has a shot in a purple wig. very nice. I will find it again. I got it but had to come back and edit it to get it in the one before this

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5/24/2005 5:55 am

I think what is dangerous today is that the kids don't listen (not that we did to a "t" much either, but they will get in your face about something that they don't agree about in an instant) respect for the elderly and that is a horrible thing.

You are right about one thing... it is a viscious cycle that the generations pick up on. I am hoping and praying that my daughter will break out of the destructive phase soon so that she can move forward with her life.

taodoug 51M

5/24/2005 9:13 am

yah know what is ironic about that statement is... that there are adults that might never have done it or not knowingly have done it in front of their kids.. And that is too agrue with an in-law in front of them. Be it a nosey mother or mother-in-law... I know that adults must understand that all acts, deeds, and thoughts are learned behavior. That communications gaps between parent and kid are a 86 - 94% of times an imitation of the same communication trouble between the parent and grandparent if not between husband and wife. You see we as individuals fail to see that them walk in the room when in an arguementative position with our parents. Then that shows later in their life. And we call it lack of respect.. yet we taught them this behavior. And some try to justify it when the youngster asks "why did you make nana cry?" Or "Why did Nana say she doesn't want to be in our house." Adults should always think about what was done when small family members are in the house. That when you have a person of young age lash out..That instead of running the other way,, or getting some new fancey drug to control'em. Or decide the parent is no worthless. First it would be proper to sya " HEy.. we need to talk.. And then the person at ease that at that moment you are friends with no repercussions for speaking their mind... Now while this is happening.. don't interrupt with your parental opinion.. Just take notes... when they are done you can respond as you would to your friend...ONLY>>> NO GROUNDING REGARDLESS>> And then you work through it. as a friend. just pretend you are talking to your best friend when you wee that age. and giving advice on how to get through it. It works.. This style of talking works.. I mean common.. the proof is when my daughter approached me to talk to me that she was sexually active.. You want to talk about a dad sitting on pins and needles.. This was one of those days,, But the catch me was.. (although hard far me) she came and talked to me. And in this trust. Instead of being angry asked if she at least used protection.. which she said yes.. And I told her to put extra in her purse just incase.. The door has to be this open. Because of my parents lack of open door policy.. my eldest sister haD A BABY before the end of her senior year..IN 1978.

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