Just a little info on me. TAODOUG  

taodoug 51M
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6/2/2005 7:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just a little info on me. TAODOUG

Look I am going to post this here. And hope that it might give an idea to those that wonder.. What is this guy on. He is up and downquicker than a male teenager just finding out when you are young that pecker won't stay down very long.
Ok.. Personality.. I enjoy writting about this, that, and anything.. That mood bar down there I use to help a reader grasp what feeling might they think I was trying to get out with my words. Meeting people to chat with.. I enjoy chatting in here. I enjoy chatting period.. But if a person starts making comments like wanting to have a coffee together and you say sure.. Make sure if you are just playing a on line role in the chat room.. say so.. Sometimes..(DO to early drug abuse many innocent brain cells gave their lives.) actually a lot of times I don't catch it. And when I say "I am serious now." ANd you say "I am to." Follow through. If you have no intentions just say.."Yah crazy redneck.. I am not really going to that" It is ok.. No hard feelings.. When I see a familiar face online in chat. I will click on your name to go where you are. Because it is called a comfort zone.. I like familiar names.. It is calming.. But if aat anytime.. i or some one else makes you ill at ease. tell them or me. "Hey..Back off Taodoug" Promise I won't break.. I will ask what's up'' And you can either email me..or tell me in the room. All people that make another feel uncomfortable should state so.. Because my whole last decade has been about not invading or stressing others out. Because I don't like it in my house either.. SO SPEAK YOUR MIND WITH ME... AT LEAST.. BECAUSE A TRUE FRIEND MAY NOT BE HAPPY BUT WILL RESPECT YOUR SPACE.


wyvernrose 38F
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6/3/2005 4:07 am

sure your not on prednisone? I get just that way when on it.....totally up down and can't figure which way is up lol

I also empty, scrub out and alphabetically arrange everything in every cupboard in the house when on it

my mother used to be overjoyed everytime she was given a script for me.....and go into horror if she was given two one for me and one for my sister as we were always at opposite ends of the scale when on it......the whole family would run a mile

and I agree entirely on how to deal with people.....mind you I am pretty quick to tell people to take me or leave me anyway


taodoug 51M

6/3/2005 8:43 am

nah no medications or drugs do I take. and my kids have never been to a doctor for anything other than a shot or to have a check up once a year with dentist.

Writting is this blog allows a release of emotions as those on that list. As well as a way of just expressing an idea.

And this being said.. THank you

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