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tankbred 48M/50F
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8/1/2006 10:56 pm
Just wondering

It is apparent that people are visiting this site to get laid, more or less. What I find interesting is that most people want above average people with well above average skills in the bedroom.

I'm not saying that looks aren't important, but to me personality is more important than some sex god/goddess with the IQ of a frog.

We all want to get laid and experience things sexually that most can only fantasize about, but what is wrong with the average person? Most want discreet encounters, so if they are discreet what should looks matter.

How about a man or women who is intelligent,caring, and can carry on a conversation beyond "hello want to fuck"...

I love women who are smart, down to earth, and sexy. I like athletic women not because they are healthier but because it would give us another way to hang out.

I am on this site not just to spice up both my sex life and my life in general, but to meet that women that would love to spend time with us both physically and emotionally.

I consider myself to be an average guy. I try not to judge, but I am not perfect. I try to respect people and there opinions but it must be understood that I too have my opinions.

For an average guy I can cook and very well I might add, I love to shop, and I can give one hell of a massage.

Is there an athletic women (need not be a ten)... If 1 is a dog and 10 is a goddess, I would prefer just the average or a tad above. Is there a women who wants to be pampered, share a bi experience with my wife, and make 2 awesome friends then give me a call.

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