My personal take on Erotolalia (talking dirty)  

tamethytension 54M
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4/9/2006 7:36 am

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My personal take on Erotolalia (talking dirty)

The following is my response to the post
Clita's Sexual Topics 101: by clitalicious67
as regards the practice of talking dirty during sex.

Not surprisingly, this varies greatly person to person. I've not been all that comfortable with it, if only because I wonder whether I'm saying the right thing. I do employ animalistic sounds especially deep guttural tones that can reverberate through the body. In a most strange case, I was with a woman who got very excited from vulgar sounds rather than language. Specifically, mimicry of long drawn out saliva-laced snorting directed in her ear, an implicit threat that she could be doused at any moment, could bring her to orgasm while I lay inside her. Like I said, strange but it taught me to broaden my horizons as regards to my repertoire.



mm0206 68F
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11/12/2006 12:38 pm

I always say

be yourself...
I was not allowed to 'say' much
so I became a screamer... among other things,
well actually I already was a screamer

I had never uttered a dirty phrase until about 3 yrs ago, I was in a fairly long relationship with a man that told me to say what I felt...

I always seem to learn so much from every encounter.I guess life is a learning experience.

I know at times I feel sexually repressed, there are things I want to do, but feel like I would be exchanging one form of thoughts for another.

How twisted is that?

take care...

stormyonegood 63F

11/7/2006 12:39 pm

Mmmmmmmmmmm.....grrrrrrrrrrrrr....just do what feels right...

alamo1235 58M
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5/8/2006 8:16 pm

I try to respect the person that I am with, if they are not into the dirty talk I try to refrain however I love when the womman and I talk dirty during sex.

I really enjoy being with a woman that will express her feelings and enjoys when I express mine. I think if both enjoy the dirty talk it can be very erotic.

clitalicious67 49F

5/8/2006 6:20 pm

Wow...I have been linked...I think it is erotic as long as each person respects the other's boundaries...



JaniSux 44F

5/8/2006 8:01 am

I also enjoy dirty talk, during sex giving and receiving it..

I enjoy having a man talk dirty to me, call me hot names (mind you not humiliating names but hot ones), talk about how hot I am, how tight my puss is, calling my name, how good I feel inside, how good I taste, all these things are a great turn on to me.

I like to know that a man is enjoying what I'm doing to him, and if the man is not into talking dirty to me, well then I'd love some sort of sign of approval... even if its a low growl... wheeewwww! So hot! or 'animalistic sounds especially deep guttural tones that can reverberate through the body'



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