My experience with anal play  

tamethytension 54M
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8/9/2005 3:12 am

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My experience with anal play

This is an excerpt from my response to ...
Expatbrit49 who asks in expatbrit49 about one's experience with annul sex.

I have never sought anal play or anal penetration with a partner. However, roughly 50% of my partners initiate exploration with their fingers and I have generally enjoyed this though at times in can be somewhat painful (I have bled from sharp nails). It was not until developing a relationship 18 months ago that I encountered the desire on the part of woman to do more than finger my arse. In addition to rimming (a first for me), my lover for more than a year, got very excited while probing me with her dildo. It was only mildly pleasurable in of itself, although I found it could bring about an erection faster after I had already spent myself. That alone was enticement enough to allow this thrill for her. Once excited, she would typically finish me orally all the while working the dildo. I don't know that it alone ever gave rise to orgasm, but I can say emphatically that oral orgasm while being manipulated is of an intensity to be experienced to be believed.

I found it interesting that this opinion was backed up with a response by risky949
wherein she states ...

"I do know stimulating it during oral sex can bring about an earthshattering orgasm that can be felt from the inside out."



cheryllikesbig 44F
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12/31/2006 11:52 pm

mmmmm i love to finger a man's ass when i'm sucking him off. I've never had anyone not like it. as for fucking that way I love a man to fuck my ass and if there are toys available and a guy will let me, I'll fuck his ass for sure. i was with a guy who i did it to a lot...he had been with men though so he was open to it totally.

mmmm but my favorite is definitely having a guy cum in my ass is....oh wow, nice. I love it!

TopFisher 63M

8/10/2005 12:45 am

Anal play, especially for men seems to have generally a rather "taboo" attached to it.

But both genders REAL physical responses to such are undeniable!

One of my friends has the MOST earth shattering orgasams while my cock is burried in her dump tunnel. And this lady is not one to just shoot off easily.

I've got some selected, and I'll add small tools she can use on me and she does form time to time. I do enjoy it, she is kind with such and OMG! What a blow it causes...

Nuttin in the world will rock your world as hard as when she slips a finger into your ass while going down on you!!!

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