Masturbation at Highway Speeds  

tamethytension 54M
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9/17/2005 9:04 am

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9/27/2011 10:15 pm

Masturbation at Highway Speeds

For a roadwarrior like myself, you'd think I would have long ago gotten a cell phone. While I am as technologically savvy as the job requires, this last electronic intrusion was to be avoided at all costs. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I broke down and now find it of use occasionally. I have even made use of it while driving ... after years of flippin off callers with cells at the ear and curiously the eyes OFF the road ...

It helps that I have a speaker phone and don't need to handle the thing for a call but still I can't help but wonder if I am better off driving because of all my time spent jacking off while driving. OK,'s not all that often but back when a great many cross-country trips were made, I would find myself thinking of my Honey to whom I was driving and in short order would find myself stretching the limits of my jeans with "extra rise". After an hr with such an expanse, it is either deal with the consequences of blue balls (the equivalent of getting 5-6 good punches in the gut ... and yes I have experienced both) or beat the meat to the punch.

It is not so hard ... uh difficult actually to maintain focus on the road ... and whack off simultaneously. Just release the seatbelt, ease the seat back, unzip and unbelt, and out you pop. I keep some kleenex handy so as not to get the steering wheel too sticky. The only manisfestation of this to those driving by is that I tend to slow to about 50mph. Of course, I will have already waited for a very long stretch of straight flat road with comparatively light traffic and good visibility. I tend to lose sight of the road only during the first 10-15 secs of the orgasm when I am legally blind.

So I think all this practice is good preparation for cell phone use while driving. From watching the habits of so many of you out there, clearly you have not been properly schooled in multi-tasking.

Now for women, practicing on yourself is too easy given the various devices at your disposal. So while driving, you need to be giving a hand job to your partner in the passenger seat. Granted a real challenge in an SUV, but not so in a Ford Fiesta. My Fiesta girl was driving us to a meeting in Columbus on the highway when our erotic banter started to get the better of me and she suggested I do something about it. So out came my erection and I began to play ... soon she was licking her lips but it was with some surprise that she took over for me, pulling so hard that my pelvis moved up and toward her. She settled down to the appropriate motion and as I was near I leaned farther into her grasp, my cock now about even with the stereo. In this little car, I felt like I surely would spray the windshield, but only sullied the dash on the first spurt, with the rest volcanoing down the sides onto her hand ... all of which had her heart racing and wet between the thighs.

This too is good pratice for cell phone use. Not to mention guys fingering your ladies ... one of my favorite pasttimes. On the other hand, or rather lips, I do not know of any practical purpose to getting a blow job at highway speeds. But DAMN! does it feel good.



mm0206 69F
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11/12/2006 2:36 pm

We had gone to one of the 1500A.D. Dinner Restaurants and they only served room temperature wine...

well suffice it to say I now never drink room temperature wine...

He practically had to carry me to the car...
We were laughing so hard and I tend to be very amorous after two or three glasses of wine ... but I think I drank like a gallon...
Anyway he never had a chance to even start the car...
We left the parking lot an hour and 30 minutes later.
One of the most memorable times ...I was so in love with him.

mm0206 69F
7767 posts
11/12/2006 2:25 pm

oh my gawd

you shouldnt make me laugh....

frbnkslady 48F
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9/19/2005 11:20 am

LMAO, I had to pull over and let him finish what he started... I am short, so my seat is all the way up.. no room.... and I really wanted more of that... T


rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
9/19/2005 8:45 am

I would rather have a large purple, ahem, heart.

tamethytension 54M
2320 posts
9/19/2005 7:39 am

Ok girls, now tell me about your experience with hand jobs while driving.

tamethytension 54M
2320 posts
9/19/2005 7:37 am

Network_Minx...hey little girl...I'll have to take you up on that/

frbnklady ... seriously, the next time I am in Alaska...

saintlianna ... a veteran you say ... sounds like you deserve to be decorated...a pearl necklace perhaps

jungandhorney ... me Dear, while women are known to lose their head while giving me head, trust me it is nothing to fear.

bella ... ahh but I would die smiling.

rm_bella_ 47F
4030 posts
9/18/2005 7:56 pm

You better stop the car if I am in it and want to survive

jungandhorney 42F

9/18/2005 6:27 pm

due to my fear of decapitation, i don't think i could give anywhere near a good blow job while he was driving.........

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
9/18/2005 4:22 pm

As a veteran of car blowjobs (I have more experience than Mario Andretti), I find that if you hit the dash just rub it in and your dash will look brand spanking new! ( I can see my face in it!)

frbnkslady 48F
6183 posts
9/18/2005 12:45 am

LOL, I love giving a man a blowjob while he is driving... T


rm_Network_Minx 47F
542 posts
9/17/2005 11:50 am

I have always wanted to give a guy a blow job while he was driving. Well a few months ago I had to opportunity but didn't go for it. I have regretted it since. Next time I have the chance I am taking it.

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