Losing my Virginity at 23  

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7/17/2005 4:09 am

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Losing my Virginity at 23

By way of further introduction of myself, and hopefully hinting that I have something original to say in this space, here is my accounting of losing my virginity at the age of 23! taken from my profile. Why 23 ...and by this I am not counting hand jobs, blow jobs, or squeezing one's dick between her thighs, etc. No I refer to the moment of coming inside pussy. Numerous factors were at play...orthodox Catholic upbringing ...shy personality...exceedingly poor understanding of women ... fear of impregnating a woman ... and even then imagining it would be a special moment for both of us. However, I have come along way so to speak...I have to believe that of what I am now, that 23 year old could have scarcely imagined.

The unmaking of a 23 old virgin...

Marin was a dark-skinned Canadian lass, sleight of frame, black hair and eyes to match. A little older but no wiser unfortunately. Petite she was in every way from her small mouth, always pert tiny nipples, and a tight vagina; too tight as it turned out. We found ourselves alone in a dorm room, then together on the bed, then me drawing my lips from hers heading south to her crotch. Don't even know why I did that. Had never really thought to suck a girl's pussy before. My virginal imaginations of sex rarely went beyond driving my cock into something (pretty much anything) warm, wet, and pliant before I was jerking off. But down on her unbidden I went. The first time I had viewed a girl's pussy since stealing a look of a panty-less 3rd grader who sat in front of me in school (I was in the 3rd grade also). Novel as it was, my eagerness to taste Marin's cum precluded further study, and so I put all my effort into licking anything and EVERYTHING with which my tongue came into contact. All tasted heavenly to me and still wanted to go on when Marin begged me to stop. She was in multiple orgasm ... something I obviously knew little about at the time. She pulled me forward and lifting her pelvis up to meet mine so I entered her almost in one motion. I came just as quickly, completing my squirt by the time all of my length had disappeared inside her. I was afraid then ... my fear of rejection at this poor performance. For years, I had thought how this would be special, how I would make it last, only to prove the cliche - hell I couldn't even wait for a single thrust. I'm ashamed to say I pulled out of her right then and began dressing. I don't even remember if anything was said. We had not planned on it - nor was there reason to expect anything more.

It could not have been too poor a performance however . . . for the next night she entered my room, and laid with me one more time.....

.....it was around midnight the next evening ... her quarters were across from mine. Normally, she would have had 1-2 room mates; a crew change meant she was alone that night. I was the only guy on summer staff so I bunked alone. She entered, backlit by the light of the hallway, this ethereal waif walked in from a dream .... she paused to see whether I was awake ..... I was indeed and had in fact been laying there thinking nothing but of her .... it was something out of every young man's greatest indulgence ... to simply lay there aching for the girl in the very next room .... imagining over and over impossible possibilities .... and incredibly there she was. I was on the floor rolled in a sleeping bag, except it was June and far too hot to be inside the bag. I lay there, frozen in anticipation of what she would do ... would she turn away and decide differently ... but she to me. Bringing her knee across my chest, she sat herself down before my lips. I could feel her flesh on mine - there was nothing under her loose shirt. I reached to touch her but she desisted - she simply rose up on her knees pulling my head toward her crotch. I was willing but really wanted to touch and so began placing my hands on her buttocks but again she brushed these away. As I was not cooperating, she shifted herself forward and simply told me to suck her as I did the night before. So she sat herself down on my face and I ate her until she could not take it any more. She stood, looked at me a moment, and just walked out the door. I never saw her again. TRUTH

So ...anyone else out there who waited this late in life ...?

Iwakura16Eyes 37F

11/28/2006 6:11 am

...and my betting from this experience? I am pretty sure that you prolly adore giving women oral, dun you?

seriously.... these first experiences usually create a pattern... I have a blog entry about it somewhere... it's called "Why Do I Like This?"

the men I have bedded that were virgins? took lots of stock from those experiences... i should write a blog entry about that... it's kinda amusing....

tamethytension replies on 11/28/2006 8:03 am:
you have said it best ... I absolutely adore givign women oral pleasure, it is very pleasurable for myself, but more than that, to be denied the opportunity actual will bring anguish ...

with my cock and in all else I am DOM, but in this I revel in my submissiveness.

see Praying to the Goddess

mm0206 68F
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11/13/2006 11:37 pm

I may have to write that autobiography after all


Cerine28 39F  
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11/4/2006 9:35 pm

thank you for giving me the priviledge.

Cerine28 39F  
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11/4/2006 4:04 pm

I also lost my virginity at 23 like demonicsexkitten i had wanted to wait til marriage and thought the man i met and fell in love with was the"one".so i figured what the hey,if we love eachother why not show eachother how much.we talked about marriage as well and i fell for the notion u know hes the one there wouldnt be anybody else.etc.I cryed my first time i guess i tensed up too much.Me and him lasted 2 yrs then we broke up.I kinda wish now i had waited,but these things happen i cant take back the past.

tamethytension replies on 11/4/2006 7:53 pm:
Hello Cerine,

welcome to my blog.

Thank you for sharing these very personal moments here.


jad1010 41M
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10/17/2005 12:43 am

you take too long time to losing your Virginity

demonicsexkitten 41F
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7/23/2005 7:07 pm

I didn't wait quit that long. I was 20, almost 21. I wanted to wait until i was married. i felt that... my virginity was the one thing i could give my husband that he'd know i'd never given to another. i felt this very deeply. but when i was 20 i met 'the love of my life'. i had actually predicted meeting him 4 months before hand, and even gave dates "something major is going to happen between august and november. i'm not sure what exactly... but it could be i'm meeting the man i'm to marry". Aug. 4th i met him and he kissed me. Nov. 1 we declared our love to eachother, and formally became 'exclusive'. we talked of marriage, and i love him so much. i know, i know "oldest story in the book". guy talks of marriage, woman gives in. *eyeroll* we played, but never went 'all the way'. but then i spent a few weeks considering it, and decided that as i loved him, and we were going to marry (it was destined, after all!)... then what difference does it make if we wait or not? he was already my husband in my heart. so the next time we played, and we were teasing eachother with me on top of him... instead of backing off like usual, i pressed forwards. knowing how important it was to me he tried stopping me, but surprise was on my side, and he was too late. As for the prediction: i even have a witness. i told my best friend in April, then totally forgot until December, when she verified it. As for the waiting bit... i was raised catholic in my younger years, so that might have something to do with it. But also, mom raised me "be a lady!" and of course, "ladies don't..." and then my own dreamer nature... i believe so much in True Love, and it all seems tied together.

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