Last Two Weeks Blogging: An INDEX  

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9/27/2005 9:37 am

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Last Two Weeks Blogging: An INDEX

Updating my Blog Bibliography: The past two weeks.

Somehow I have amassed 40 entries and as I'm having a hard time keeping track, surely the readers are as well. This also may allow newcomers to quickly find topics they missed. It is getting harder and harder to navigate Blogland by it's sheer size and I think indices of this nature are in order. In the process, I was also forced to systematically visit each blog and find a few recent comments buried in the past. I thank those going back and doing so. I will make a point, where appropriate, to answer any comments no matter how far the blog goes. Indeed, some of you may find it rewarding to simply review the suite of comments on some topics. A number of lengthy and well thought out entries have appeared and I greatly appreciate that. I am quite receptive to the idea of having a conversation started among the readership within the comment section.

Latest 40 entries to On Walkabout.


A. F. F. ... Frequency of Homosexuality Across the Globe

A Genetic/Evolutionary Basis for ?


Of Past Loves and Future Friendships.

Q&A: Why would a guy be a tease?

What do you say to a woman in this situation ....?

The root of my philosopy of Man & Woman

That she believes in me to the core of her being ...

EROTICA: Philosophy, Poetry, & Prose

The Serenity of your embrace

A little foreplay to get you going this morning ...


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answers to DT

The Autumnal Equinox and My Rutting Hormones

Making love under a waterfall ... throwing water on the myth

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Men here's your chance to sound off ...How Many Emails Do You GET?

Enough with the fantasies already!


Trying my hand at erotic photography...

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Erotica or Pornography

Actually, I'm flattered .. but no I'm straight

When I am not blogging, I am writing...

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A Safe Alternative to Choking

Ladies ... What are you saying with those red lips?

My first bonifide booty call

Masturbation at Highway Speeds

So you are on top ... now what?

Ladies ... what is your telltale sign of an orgasm?

WOMEN OF AdultFriendFinder: The Fantasy Series

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PS> ALso refer to [post 67357] for an earlier Index to ON WALKABOUT.

tamethytension 54M
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9/29/2005 3:50 pm

nbtnt ... I Know, I know ... for shame ... I have several in mind, including my world famous spaghetti sauce (I am part Sicilian). Perhaps next week.



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