Falconer & The Falcon: Musings on DOM/SUB  

tamethytension 54M
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7/19/2005 12:19 am

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Falconer & The Falcon: Musings on DOM/SUB

This is my response to BellaRose889 wherein she identifies herself as the "falcon looking for someone worthy of [her] surrender" but thought it worthy of wider readership...

With patience and fortitude you will find what you seek. The Falconer to hood and leash his bird-of-prey within a captivity of the heart. He exists this one true guide to your own libidinous nature at its most animalistic. For he knows that your kindred spirit needs not so much to appease the Master but rather to be freed of the remotest inhibition so you may fly as high as you may. So familiar with the jesses that bind you to him that they never seem to chafe. In time, after the training such a close relationship requires, he of sufficient prowess will understand the proper moments when you must go forth unfettered. Letting you take wing as necessary, secure in the knowledge of his control even in the absence of tetherings. Tame within his grasp you will ever remain, but free of bondage your sleek swiftness, inner strength, and prodigious stamina are honed for the Master's bidding. That your submission is complete, and with it the comfort and trust achieved that you may flourish in your new found world, will be seen in the ardor you hold for the place your Master has made for you at his side. It is then my little falcon that you will know the bliss only possible from total surrender.


mm0206 69F
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1/4/2007 9:42 pm

To bind ...
To restrict one that stays of its own free will
...even from the beginning...
I dont understand the principle, the philosophy.

As much as I have been a voyuer in such instances, an innocent observer, the reasoning has always escaped me.

The analogy of the Falconer and his Falcon,
I see and understand the need for something wild.

But in a gentle D/s relationship, especially when the one has offered the full trust as well as her full submission...
I can only question silently...

Is this a cause to incite, to inflame,
and then break a spirit......
~shaking my head~

I hear talk of power exchange, of reaching for boundaries, of experiences of sexual freedom/liberation, releasing inhibitions...

How can you not have experienced these in a long and loving marriage...

I have been there.

I hope your trip back is pleasant and uneventful.
tender hugs.....m.

lafemmesublime 59F
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12/10/2006 6:31 am

Please tame me....

redmartinigirl 43F

11/29/2006 8:19 pm


You are such a beautiful writer. You put into words exactly what it is I am seeking. bravo, dear one. Bravo

tamethytension replies on 11/30/2006 4:06 am:
Then you are in for a treat ... I have been working on an update ... an opus of my philosopy of D/s and it nears completion ...

feistyladyc 55F

7/23/2005 2:13 am

The falcon being such a proud one must have a Master just as proud, I would think. The incredible exhileration felt by the falcon of total surrender to the proud Master is one mere words cannot describe. Actually would give that falcon the feeling of complete and utter freedom from the simple knowledge of having had the choice of Masters and having been fortunate enough to find one that could relate to the level of pride upheld by the falcon. That Master nurturing that pride, in turn the falcon thriving. Would be a true and ultimate bond of total satisfaction, I would think. But I am just one learning and gathering information from different sources. Enjoying all the different instances described to me. But am always a willing student.........

purrrrrfectlady 66F
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7/19/2005 8:09 am

even free of bondage,a falcon with a broken wing can only look upward and untill cared for by a loving Master and allowed to mend, only wishes and wants to feel the wind beneath their wings and soar as high as they may, only to return to the Masters loving and caring arms......

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