Conversation with a sex therapist: Part II. Dr. Tyler  

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Conversation with a sex therapist: Part II. Dr. Tyler

Excusing herself, Michelle meekly slipped past Dr. Tyler and shut the door behind her.

Dr. Tyler was not what I was expecting in a sex therapist. Especially after the debacle with my last therapist, I thought surely the psychiatric board would find someone especially dowdy ... grandmotherly. And yet here was radiance personified. Tall to be sure, although I now see wearing ridiculous 4 inch heels meeting my 6ft ht eye-to-eye. Or perhaps not so ridiculous, if her purpose is to maintain a certain air of authority between doctor and patient. Otherwise, suitably business like with spare attire but for a shoulder scarf for a dash of color. and texture. The scarf falling across firm, pert breasts ... hard to judge the size under that attire ... somehow I think 34B too small ... yes I know I'm a breast man but these new underwire supports can be tricky to judge. Her auburn hair, no make that titian as she comes into the daylight from the window, is worn rather plain, straight, yet flowing over the shoulders; a length that somehow draws years off her age yet not as girlish were she to add a curl down its length. Thirtyish in her deameanor, her walk, her confidence yet smooth milky Celtic skin no more beyond its late-20's. And from the steady look in her eye as she comes toward me, I can see that she knows this.

Dr. Tyler walked up to the desk and said nothing for a moment. I extended my hand and introduced myself. She cooly did the same without breaking her gaze. Finally, she said...

"Why are you in my chair?"

"Oh .. ah .. I was looking at your doctorate here on the wall ... Deborah Lee Tyler is it? .. well then I could not help but admire the view ... breath-taking yet calming in a way."

"You find it calming?"

"yes, serene ... one could easily escape the office simply gazing off in the distance".

"An interesting observation Mr. Bramford. You are here, in part, because of the puzzle you present. Part of which, is that you maintain that your way to inner peace is through sex and a great deal of it."

"Not exactly Dr. Tyler, through bringing women into their sexual being, opening up to the possibilities their bodies and minds can bring in pleasurable relief".

"Ah huh ... Well Mr. Bramford, that particular sentiment, noble as it may seem in your mind, is an abberration would you not agree? And do you deny that this is sexually gratifying to yourself, and that in fact the pleasurable relief you seek is but your own".

"No Dr. Tyler I do not."

"No? Is that all you have to say?

"That is all I have to say to simplistic renderings of what you perceive are my motivations. I do recognize that this need I have can be compulsive. I recognize that it has at times impacted my career. I recognize that it has left me a man in my 40's without a family life. And so I entered into therapy 18 months ago, so I may perhaps learn a bit more about myself, the basis for my motivations, and what, if anything, should or could be done to control these sentiments.

"So Mr. Bramford you admit to a lack of control in sexual urges towards women".

"No. Dr. Tyler, you seem to deliberately misconstrue my words. I am not some pervert. I have control over my urges, indeed I have superior control over the physical aspects of sex. It is the mental aspects, the great desire I have to provide sexual relief to women and educate them on what they should expect from the experience".

"Well Mr. Bramford, I would normally say that is merely an idle boast, but I have been looking over your file, and in the brief time I have had, I have to say you are an interesting case. I do not agree entirely with notes of your predecessor, but I have agreed to take you on as a client nonetheless".

"It is not a boast Dr. Tyler ... it is simply how I feel and would hope that you could approach this with a bit more objectivity".

"Objectivity? Mr. Bramford, I assure I will ... quite unlike my predecessor who saw fit to hop in the sack with you. Tell me exactly how did your sleeping with what's her name ... yes here it ... how did fucking Dr. Susan Kate, a woman 11 years your senior I might add, help in your progress toward dealing with this 'addiction'. And don't tell me she was trying 'wean' you off the sauce or some such crap. I am not in the mood for any smart ass answers".

Cooly I said .. "And you will not get any from me. Susan, I mean Dr. Kate was very helpful. She got me past the point of guilt over the lack of a family. That in turn helped me past a block I had regarding my true motivations and we were in fact making progress when ..."

"When the board discovered your trysts and ended it".

Re-gaining my composure and charm. "Yes, and now they have recommended me to you ... a veritible well-spring of youth and beauty. How ironic."

"Oh. Mr. Bramford. You have no idea how ironic. I am a lesbian. Trust me when I say there will be no trysting between yourself and me."

To be continued


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Network_Mink ... just drumming up business. How can I tame thy tension until I have teased you into a frenzy?
......................GALES OF EVIL LAUGHTER...................

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I believe you need to change your name to teasingtension.

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LMAOOOO, throbbing tension.... T


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A lesbian? Figures.

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if you are supposed to be taming tension, you are sure taking thy sweet time with it!!!

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