How To Make Love to a Woman  

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8/4/2005 11:52 am

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How To Make Love to a Woman

We are sitting in a romantic courtyard of a small cafe beside a cobblestone street, enjoying an interesting conversation about life and our mutual passions. Laughing and talking over a glass of wine, we both realize that this is more fun than we have had in years. Here is someone who cares about what I do and sees the same shade of green. There is physical attraction, lots of eye contact and shared smiles. We like each other, not just physically, but really like what's inside the other's heart.

Time comes to leave, but we want to stay and talk, and as time has passed, our physical attraction and contact has increased. Your hands have been firmly stroking my forearms. Our eyes have been saying yes for some time. We have slid our chairs closer together and I have gently kissed your hand several times. You express pleasure with each exchange.

Now we walk to our cars and reluctantly say....goodbye. I am going to my hotel room and you are going back home. But the thought of staying together is so appealing, we think it, but never say anything. I put my hands respectfully on your waist and, reaching up, you put yours around my neck, and we finally kiss. Nothing frantic, but just nice lip contact and gentle penetration. We both feel the growing thrill of the new sensations. Again, we kiss, only this time pushing the boundries of public affection. Our breathing increases and our hands move to more sensitive areas, gently caressing each other.

Contained excitement is building. We both know what we want to do, but here we are in public. I suggest that maybe you could stop by my room. I am not expecting anything, but we could just be more private. You say...."yes". A quick kiss and we go to our respective cars and make the short trip to the hotel.

When you arrive at my door, you are lovely. You realize, standing in the doorway, how much taller I am than you. Again we kiss hello, but this time, you are much more relaxed. We are alone, and there is an excitement. I have a drink ready for you and we sit down and continue our conversation. It is fun and we break into laughter several times, but this time, you are rubbing my hands and arms a little firmer. I am returning the affection. For a little while, I think, should we wait or could we kiss again. You are very relaxed and I slide over to where you are sitting and get on the floor on my knees in between your legs. We are at eye sitting, me kneeling. As we kiss, our hands and arms are free to explore. The sensation is building and after a few minutes, I simply pick you up and carry you, still kissing to the bed and lay down beside you.

As our hands move freely, I notice your breathing expands, and you notice I'm trembling. I can't help it. You are exciting me and as we kiss you begin to move your hips. I am holding myself over you as I feel your hands move where I want. I softly slide my fingers up your legs where your shorts reveal an opening to your soft, smooth thighs. Sensual movements take us to another level and now our panting and breathing increase. I unlatch the button on your shorts and slide them down your legs. You agree, with your eyes closed, and as I move back up your body, kissing your legs, tummy, neck and arms, I have already slid my shorts down. We feel the mutual agreement as we press against each other. I gently slide you over on your tummy. You firm, smooth ass is now welcoming me as I slide your panties down your legs. This is almost too much with the lovely smell of sex, the erotic sounds you are making and the pleasure of your feminine shape.

Now, ready to explode, while holding myself over your spread legs, I slide my right hand under your pelvis slowly and firmly grip all your wonderful pleasures with my hand. Gently and softly I begin to stroke you with my finger. You let me know this is lovely, but now with caution, I gradually begin to penetrate you with my erection. Not too far at first. Just consistent stimulation from my finger and the stretching sensation to your wetness. Your hips begin to move up and down sliding on me while the gradual increase in feeling causes your moans to grow louder. I just continue to tickle and tease with my finger as your sliding motion, in along with mine increases in frequency and depth. You are now openly moaning. I am now pressing deeply inside of you and stroking with my finger firmly and tenderly. In a matter of minutes you grow resolute. You know that this is going to produce a full, fantastic orgasm. The final moments or your pleasure come and your outburst of pleasure causes tense, frenzied movement in your hips. Your back becomes rigid as you pause tensly to gasp. I continue patiently as your panting subsides. Now it's my turn.

I lift you upwards to your knees, still deep in you. Your breathing and panting begins to grow again. With my hands around your waist, from behind you on your knees, I begin to thrust further and faster deep within you. Your wet and swollen vagina is thrilling me beyond compare. This is what a man lives for. You know that this is going to continue and release moan after moan as the frequency of my penetration increases. Faster and deeper is all I hear you saying now. The room is growing blurry as I gasp and explode within you. You are still moaning. I slow to a stop, still within you and gently slide my fingers up your back. We are now laughing and smiling from gratitude and release. That was fun and so right.

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