What a way to start the week.  

SiltsTorchFable 47M
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3/6/2006 9:28 pm
What a way to start the week.

Well up to today I have never met face to face with anyone from this site. Although I have emailed and spoke on the phone I have not taken the opportunity to met face to face. Today I decided to take a chance and stop by and met a wonderful lady I met here. Just a quick stop and talked over a diet Pepsi and a bottle of water. She has a wonderful smile in person, and a very fun personality. I don't know what she thought of me, but I was pleasantly surprised with the visit.

I guess the moral of today is go ahead and take a chance. Meet someone over coffee, a Pepsi or even a glass of water. You never know where it might lead.

Good nite, and may the angels watch over you and yours till dawns first light, breaks the night.

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