Twenty years(of therapy?)  

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10/14/2005 8:38 am

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Twenty years(of therapy?)

My little hard body laborer friend Theresa(married) called me up to ask if I would get a bicycle to go riding with her friend that needs some attention. I said no.
Same gig as getting a Harley to impress the biker chicks. Not worth it.
Turns out upon further conversation that almost all of Theresa's female freinds are "flaky" in some way. (Now there's a news flash class)
The particular friend in question has been in therapy for over twenty years with the same psychaitrist. (Yes class many drugs injested daily.) Theresa would much rather have conversations with men cause at least in her experience the women are screwed up worse than the men. When she pointed out to her friend that at least she needs to think about a new doctor the friend told her to mind her own business.
So many of these therapy "victums" would rather wollow in their own personal little mudpits than get "cured".
I'll bet that if her entire family intervened to say that they had found a pill that would totally cure her that she would find every excuse in the world to NOT TAKE IT!
Just the way the world goes round, not picking on women here cause I have plenty of screwed up addicted or rolller coaster friends that are men as well. No real ACCOUNTIBILITY there either.
So how do you get someone that has been doing the same thing over and over to change?
Do you not talk to them anymore until they at least admit their problem?(DENIAL )
Do you blow them off to another family member or friend?
I personally give them about 20 minutes of my time in one intense session. After that if I don't see any real change I shine them on. After all I'm just allowing them to get the self pity and sympathay from whaever source will give it.(No longer me)

The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

konkali 40F

10/25/2005 1:59 pm

That's always a tough one.
Somehow, hitting rock bottom usualy helps these people. I have a male friend who has been with the same therapist for the last 15 yrs, and pimps the idea of therapy.. egads! I thought therapy was a midpoint to help you get basck on your feet.. not an addictive drug!
good luck!
i've nejoyed reading your blog, you have some itnresting thigns to say about social observations.

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