The girl at the top of the stairs  

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11/15/2005 8:27 am

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The girl at the top of the stairs

When I was about 5 years old my family lived in Omaha, Nebraska. It was snowing outside and my mom wouldn't let me play outside so I decided to play by sliding down the stairs. I got a bath rug turned it upside down and used it as a sled to stair surf down the stairs. Great fun!
I'd smash into the sheetrock sides on the way down and tumble and turn into a little boy heap at the bottom laughing historically at each new tumble and how stupid it all was.
After about twenty minutes of this I smacked my head pretty good off the concrete floor in the basement. I guess I knocked my self out a little cause all I remember was sitting sprawled out looking at up the rectangle of the stairs and seeing this otherworldly light and aura around a girl. She had a shimmering white dress
and seemed to be floating. I couldn't make out her face from the aura and glowing light though and I sat in my light headed state and just stared at her. A feeling of bliss and comfort came over me and my head miraculously stopped throbbing. This feeling lasted about five minutes I guess and I remember nothing was ever said, just felt.

Peacefully, glowing, lighted, playful.
A place I could stay forever if I wanted.

All children deserve such a place.

Welcome to Tree's World................

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