Soulmates. Illusions or One?  

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1/2/2006 10:09 am

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Soulmates. Illusions or One?

The following posts are in response to MZHuny's
latest post "Thats What You Deserve." It appears that even a very followed and loved New Age writer couldn't get it right and stay married. Here is his explanation to his friends and readers and a few comments thrown in by some guy named Chuck that likes to fly too.
Are you and Leslie still together?

Bach: No. That is, Leslie and I are no longer married. Soul mates, to me, don't define themselves by legal marriage. There's a learning connection that exists between those two souls. Leslie and I had that for the longest time, and then a couple of years ago, she had this startling realization. She said, "Richard, we have different goals!" I was yearning for my little adventures and looking forward to writing more books. Leslie has worked all her life long, and she wanted peace, she wanted to slow the pace, not complicate it, not speed it up. Not money, not family, no other men or other women, separated us. We wanted different futures. She was right for her. I was right for me. Finally it came time for us to make a choice. We could save the marriage and smother each other: "You can't be who you want to be." Or we could separate and save the love and respect that we had for each other. We decided the marriage was the less important. And now we're living separate lives.

Will you write about that sometime?

Bach: I'm not sure. I could write my perceptions but not hers. I believe that Leslie and I were led to find each other, led through the years we lived together, and led to part. There's so much to learn! When a marriage comes to an end, we're free to call it a failure. We're also free to call it a graduation. We didn't say, "I guess we weren't led to each other, I guess we're not soul mates after all." Our graduation was part of the experience we chose before we were born, to learn how to let each other go. We're two expressions of life, which decided to share the experience of 21 years in space time. Good times and terrible ones, everything in the books and more, they're still true. We're apart because we decided to have different futures. I've remarried now, beginning a new adventure as Leslie begins hers, but I'll never forget that she's always been as much a soul mate to me as I've been to her--we've lived some powerful lessons together

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Personally I think that our society is in the process of outgrowing the need for the convention of MARRIAGE. But we're not completely through it. So we still need the security of it, although it doesn't really 'work' very often anymore. Kind of like the awkwardness of a human, between childhood and maturity.

Or not.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

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