Senseless but not meaningless................  

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Senseless but not meaningless................

My friend Lee is a double purple heart Vietnam Marine recon sniper veteran. 56 days in captivity.Endured unidentifiable torture and starvation. Re enlisted three times.
Was too skinny in 1966 to get in (age 17 )
asked the recruiter what he could do to become a marine and serve his country. Recruiter told him to go down to Pike Place Market and eat 15 lbs of bananas and come back. He DID IT and the rest is history folks. Marines Rule!
Stay with me on this one class.
He carried a Thompson submachine gun as well as a 45 auto and knife and silent weapons.(Charlie was often soo hopped up on heroin that only a large caliber gun would stop them)
He was recruited for Operation Phoenix (Google for it if you have the guts you spinless jellyfish liberals). Crawled through enough jungle to get DDT(Agent Orange poisoning in him to the tune of 700 vets left out of 50,000, yes Virginia the rest are dead from heart attacks and cancer).
Came back and got spit on by the peace protestors for his belief that someone has to protect the ideals of democracy.
Became a skymarshal after D.B. Cooper made his successful? hijacking of the airliner.
Got tired of the government b.s. and became a enforcer for the Hell's Angels. Do the math...
As Mel Gibson said in Lethal Weapon 1 "Killing is what I do Rodger, It's the only thing that I'm good at."
We have had many long conversations about the human condition and the need for war and warriors.
We differ on the main idea of violence but we do not differ on the underlying idea of KILL or BE KILLED!
Somewhere in every surviving persons ancient past is a genetic distant relative that fought the Sabre Toothed tiger and WON.
They didn't wave peace Mr. Tiger please don't eat us today banners.
Some one fought off a disease and WON.
Someone fought the temptation to speak their mind because the harm it might cause a more treasured family member and survived one more day.
Someone gave their life willingly and without any expectation of 72 Virgins in heaven to allow the protesters to do their not very well thought through thing.
Peace protesting a unjust war or law is allowable even admirable at times.
Dr. Martin Luther King wrote a beautiful set of letters to the leadership of the Southern Christian Leadership Council when they had criticized his methods of marching as Unsound and unchristian.(while he was in jail in Birmangham, Alabama)
These letters are taught in Philosophy class as the "So called" sixth stage or highest stage of moral thinking. Please study them on Google and write me if you have the guts.
If you truly believe in your peace then prove it by commenting on the war and Bush's stupidity on this blog and others. Go ahead I dare you, you liberal puke toilet lickers.
Give me your version of the propaganda baby burning ,racist, feminazi, save the fat lesbian
sexually challenged land whales, AdultFriendFinder blog haters diherrea of the mouth and thought process garbage.

Then I'll let loose the Sabre tooth I got as a pet at home and come to your house and see if he likes you as much as I do...

My what big teeth you have......

Senseless but not meaningless........

Here Kitty Kitty Kat we got some more to visit tonite.....................
Oh and be sure and put you red cape and little hood back on .................

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