Say What you mean mean what you say.  

tall50swm 62M
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9/8/2005 1:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Say What you mean mean what you say.

In this new age psyco babble time most people don't say what thay mean or mean what they say.
I say everything for a reason even if it's no reason. I have been accused of F_____ing with peoples minds many times before. If that is what you percieve is going on here then best to play your word games with someone else. News flash ladies..... I REALLY DON"T CARE IF I EVER GET LAID EVER AGAIN!!!
Not if it means my compromising my morals ,ethics, or spirituality just for some mutual feel good times...
What do you do when your done boinking?(a buddies wife told me just roll them over and do them some more)He...He...Haw.
Am I a asshole? NO I'm a VERY BIG ASSHOLE!!
Most men are at one time or another. If you are just coming out of a bad relationship and your ass is sore then best not to pursue me right now.
You were warned! If you have ANY capibility to be real even if it's sarcastic or teasing then please carry on Garth! I look forward without fear of any kind to a woman that can match me tease for tease. Match me caring for caring. Match me intelectually, physically,spiritually. They simply don't exist. I feel very comfortable writing in my blog because I've been here for almost a month and only one woman has even bothered to read it.
Seriously girls if you are going to exchange bodily fluids with someone then don't you want to get to know them a little more than just a 8" stiffie shot?
Rant done.
Looking for a new site to play on....
Or maybe I'll just create my own....
Woman that is(Stepford Wives).......
Hmmmm Nicole or Bette?
Mary Ann or Jenie.....

Jenie LOL.........

P.S. photo to right was your competition ladies......Gone but not forgotten ONE TRUE LOVE!

rm_Angel47389 61F

9/26/2005 7:56 pm

Hey Tree,

You have the most interesting way of stating things. Yes, people need to be careful when exchanging bodily fluids--and at least for me, that's not an issue for some time into a relationship. I do believe I can match you intellectually and spiritually, but at a foot taller than I am, I recognize that I am not a match for you physically. However, I believe I can hold my own for while anyway. So tell me, just how big of an asshole are you?

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