Saturday night tavern tattler  

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10/4/2005 4:22 pm

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Saturday night tavern tattler

Last Sat night it was the night before my birthday(Sun Oct 2) so I decided to choke a few at the local watering hole. The boyfriend of the lady that owns the bar was having a small celebration and some of my buddies were there.
Video golf, pool and decent jukebox. Conversation mostly the same but a little of a chance to enlighten and enliven some others.
You see I'm the Tree in the bar as well as at work and they mostly like me even though I'm a little too alpha for most. I mostly frequent one establishment because of the ramdom asshole filled with a little too much liquid courage wanting to get their ass kicked syndrome.
I just tell them that the last person on this planet that kicked my ass was my sister and they either start laughing or they start swinging. either way I'm covered cause it is true. 50 now 11 when she beat the ever lovin tar out of me.
Guns,knives, cars trying to run me over, deer split in half on motorcycles, landslides(Lake hegbon in Montana), explosives, professionals trying to whack me for various reasons. None has got the job done yet. All from a guy that never thought he would see 21.
Anyway my buddies girl decided to start scratching my back while he sat drunk off his ass on the other side and this went on for quite a while. She has come on to me several times and she really isn't anybodys steady so maybe I might take a little hiatus from blog sex and see if the real thing is any bettter. I've been advised that it is but without any firm offer of show me. I'm from Mossuri so if you want to talk the talk you got to walk the walk. Gotta be doable though. And hot, and smart, and rich,
and famous for 15, and hot, and rich............
Oh well I think I'll just go to the tav and pick her up since she's is all of the above.........
And I get bonus points for pissing my buddy off also......

Remember it was her scratching my back in front of him that started this class............

rm_Angel47389 61F

10/4/2005 10:38 pm


Have you NO brain in that handsome head of yours? OK--so you're taller than just about everyone, and I'm sure your reach is longer than their's. But does that mean you have to lower yourself to their level? HELL NO! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you could beat the shit out of anybody foolish enough to take you on. What is it with guys and fighting, just because they are challenged? Does that mean you have to do it? Does it make you a bigger man to do it? Does it feed your ego? I simply don't get it! I actually see very little reason to fight over anything. Maybe that's just one of the basic differences between men and women.

Then there's the whole matter of going after your buddy's girl--so she came onto you--BFD! You knew full well she's seeing your buddy, even if they're not a steady item. You knew he'd be upset if he knew anyone else was doing her--or at least you should have. Any guy with two brain cells left can figure that out--and you're not stupid! How could you do that to your friend??? Maybe that's just another difference between men and women. Gawd, I hope not!Saturday night tavern tattler

Theflinkychick 105F

10/6/2005 9:40 am

How can you count it as bonus to hurt a friend? Your size and strength are most certainly great advantages, as is your good looks. Consider this, have you ever noticed that women really LOVE it when a big, strong, good-looking man such as yourself feels strong and confident enough to be a kind and considerate human being?

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