Safe Blog Sex?  

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10/1/2005 11:16 am

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Safe Blog Sex?

Scientists have postulated that sexual reproduction in any species is a sort of evolutionary overdrive device for the mutation process that eventually leads to survival of the fittest's for that species. If we go with this idea class then what in the goody gumdrops is blog sex for? Do we just randomly pick hot pictures or words that turn us on and then whackoff to it to keep the expenses low and the safety factor high? Is this blog sex process so different from the so called "real" thing?
Stay with me on this one class and Johnny stop playing with Maggie's pigtails................
Perception matters because we are conditioned to want certain things in our partners even if they are "only" blog sex partners. Every goddamned thing that we do or say or feel is conditioned by our genetics, our experiences, our faiths,beliefs,customs,habits, and expectations.
Speaking of expectations have you ever seen a one look across the bar possible partner and while a certain song is playing on the jukebox just exchanged one knowing glance that says it all?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........trying to remember
Could it be possible to find that one look kind of perception in blogland?
Not only yes but HELL YES!

Safe Sex......................................

Welcome to Tree's world.

rm_Angel47389 61F

10/1/2005 6:17 pm

[106284] Tree,

Why are you ranting about this, cloaked in a classroom setting? Could it be you really don't respect the teaching profession? It happens to be where my heart is, but I'm not asking anyone to agree with my passion. I just know the joy I get when a student I have been working with for a week or two FINALLY gets the concept! It's better than sex--and I NEVER thought anything could be better than that!

You may think I've totally missed the point of your rant, so let me try to convince that I have not--well, at least I don't think I missed the point. And yes, I was once told to leave the thinking to the professionals, but I don't always like how they think, so I try to do my own from time to time..... Follow that? OK!

You touch briefly on the age old "Nature vs. Nurture" argument, which proabably is at the crux of every decision we make, conscious of the influence or not. You asked if blogsex (which I will step out on a limb here and ASSUME is a one-sided version of cyber sex?) is "so different from the so call'real' thing?" Tree, surely that was a rhetorical question! How can you even compare the two? Either you have been terribly short-changed in your past relationships, or you're just plain cynical! (Thank you for the corrective tip from before--my trusty dictionary never showed up after I moved, and when I use this spell check, I lose the document...) Either way, you need to find a woman who will change your mind--as long as you're open to the possiblity--because you're REALLY missing out!

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