Lost in Space Part Adnauseum.....  

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11/17/2005 3:57 pm

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Lost in Space Part Adnauseum.....

What happens when a spaceship first gets lost?
Someone or some thing intelligently or mechanically figures deduces that the ship is off course. The navigator tells the captain or first officer of the watch of the situation and
a decision is made. That is the exact point that the great ship Treetanic is at at this exact moment in time. Will the captain make the right decision and charge ahead into the unknown?
Will the stewards just go about their rearranging of the deck chairs as if nothing is amiss?
Will Bob Ballard make a documentary of finding the wreck of the great spaceship Treetanic in 500 years or so? Does Trout Fishing in America really matter to fishermen.

Or fisher of men?

Dedicated to a fellow blogger(anonymous)

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11/18/2005 11:25 pm

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