Hurricane TREE Catagory Infinite  

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9/12/2005 9:01 am

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Hurricane TREE Catagory Infinite

Yesterday I agreed to meet a new friend for coffee at a Strarbucks in Bellevue,Washington.
I allowed her to order her favorite drink first and then I turned to her and said "I want you to watch this very closely, I'm going to show you something VERY POWERFUL."
She smiled and I then turned to the girl barista as she asked me what I would like.
I simply said just make me a small anything and don't ask me any more questions.
The other people in line just chuckled thinking that I had something up my sleeve.(Maybe but if I told you it wouldn't be magic now would it?"
The barista was so used to asking questions she immediately blew it by asking " Do you want something with caffeine? The line chuckled again
and I said" No whatever you make me will be perfect. The barista smiled and her friend smiled and then fixed me a surprise.
I got a PERFECT drink. Why you ask?
Because I put a smile on about thirteen peoples faces without any effort on my part other than
not caring about what happened to ME!
For my next trick I talked to my new friend for a half hour or so about hurricanes and how they could be manufactured. She laughed thinking I was just a little strange to be discussing this for a first meeting. I didn't care that she thought me strange.
Fast forward to a few hours later after we had said goodbye. I called my friend back and said "Do you remember when we were standing in line at Starbucks and I said I was going to show you something very powerful?" She said yes and I
said What would happen if you walked up to a Starbucks and ordered a small Hurricane and didn't expect anything in return? Just for the manager of Starbucks to give the money collected to the charity that the branch's staff decided needed it most. What would happen if once a week
when you ordered your burger you ordered a medium hurricane($3) for the charity of the burger joints choice. What would happen if you got a plastic or glass container and got a fund together for you work place for it's favorite charity? She said "That would be cool!" I simply said " Make it happen."
Do you hear the dull roar yet...?
The human spirit is indestructible!
A hurricane a day keeps Katrina's blues away.
Pay it forward.
Make it happen.
No excuses,no government red tape.
No blame game politics.
Just the Roar of Americans helping their own and
lifting a nation up by it's own bootstraps.
The bringing together of all Americans and caring world citizens that all you need is to help each other in a time of need.

Do you hear the roar coming?

Welcome to Hurricane Tree......................

rm_Angel47389 61F

9/16/2005 7:13 pm

What a refreshing point of view. I guess in my own way I feel I am giving back, paying it forward, doing my share and one other person's. My line to my kids as they grew up was, "In the light of eternity, what will it matter?" In reality there is very little we can do in this life that matters in the big picture. Taking care of the earth and our fellow man are the exceptions. Hurricane TREE Catagory Infinite

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