Does size matter to WILLUFIT?  

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11/14/2005 10:36 pm

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Does size matter to WILLUFIT?

Should the size of your sofa really matter to you?
If your sofa is so long that you can't even get it into a standard size hallway in a standard size apartment building with a standard size door
and your only other way to get it into a apartment is to lift it somehow up and over the SECOND floor railing AFTER you have removed the two sliding glass panels for the patio, is it too long?
Should you immediately take the too long sofa to the furniture store and exchange it for a shorter model that will fit the above dimensions, or should you actually take the time to Measure each dimension and make sure that the new model will fit BEFORE you exchange it?
Is one person's input all that's necessary when that person is sure that the other person is either too dumb or too uncaring to even pay attention to simple details such as will something fit?
Is WILLUFIT a legitimate screen name for one of the above mentioned comedy actors?
Is the other still trying to figure out what in the hell ever possessed it to try computer dating in the first place.
Does two months of patient, gentle, caring support
when even the children of one actor above won't lift a finger to lend a hand even matter a tinker's damn?
Is traveling down a 1 way street going to get you anywhere in today's society?

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