Three Days later  

talenteddragon 59M
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4/18/2006 12:02 pm
Three Days later

Well I met with Holly...awesome female. We had driks at "The Stone Cutter's Lounge" at Bellhurst
Castle.It was cool the lake looked beautiful. She was tall thick and running on confidence. She made me feel good. I like her and she's a player who likes it hot. I believe that I can gain much of myself by making an alegience with Holly and I will serve her well. We're going to the Southern Ontario Chockholic ganb bang party in Buffalo on the 29th. We had dinner..the food was great. In the process of training Elaine she'll be a great little ho. And Holly shouldn't mind cause we swing and if she's Bi umm.
Took the money to sis so she can go to NYC ands hang with Mom. I have her keys and the next weekend off. I've been in touch with Mike and Marty and I've invited Carlee to come down. I don't know where I'll be living but I know its goin to make for interesting living.

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