The G. Review: the five people you meet in heaven  

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The G. Review: the five people you meet in heaven

This book review is for all the cute bookish full-figured or mature cuties. If you are both, than that is even better

This book is almost playful in the way it addresses the issue of death and what happens after. "the five people you meet in heaven," is not a religous book. It is not about sin or virture. This book does not offer guidelines, or gives how to live advice. It is just a simple story of a guy named Eddie. The first sentence reads "This is a story about a man named Eddie and it begins at the end, with Eddie dying in the sun." This is also a story about bitterness and self-pity. It is about anger and disappointment. The chapters titled "Today is Eddie's birthday," are used to show the events that helped to shape Eddie's life. Many people believe the afterlife, is either going to be one of great pleasure or one of great sorrow. What this book trys to say, is what the end of life is meant for reflection, a simple uncomplicated time to take measure of the totality of ones's life. For better or worse, knowningly or not, each of us has impacted someone's life. And in turn have had our lives shaped by others. Some we know, some we do not. If there is a lesson to be learn, it is a simple one: you cannont take anger with you any more than you can any other emotion or material thing. And that each of us have our five.

On the G scale, this one gets GGGG

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