A Movie Review: Aftershock  

talemaker8 55M/55F
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7/13/2006 7:09 am
A Movie Review: Aftershock

War is never simple or easy, and the longer it goes on the more complex is becomes. In this interesting short documentary film on the Israeli conflict, the filmakers examine a part of what makes war so complex:the role of the solider who returns home.

Told from the view point of a few Israeli soliders, the film captures the feeling of these returning soliders. What is evident in this war, as in most wars, is how absoulute power corrupts absoulutly. Meaning in the war, guns, or having the ability to inflict pain and suffering is like a germ, and can infect those who do not protect themselves against it. In this film a couple of soliders giggle and laugh as they recall the homes and lives they help to destory. But later in more sober moments, they talk of the fear they experinced, that they now feel, since they themeselves have become husbands and fathers. Having married and started their own families, many of these man have a more pragmatic approach of the war and themselves. What makes this film interesting is how it give the view points from past and present experiences.

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