A Story for Your Entertainment  

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A Story for Your Entertainment

Hope you enjoy it...

I walk into the house, after finishing the yard work and see you, laying on the couch, lightly sleeping, my love, wrapped in an oversized denim shirt with which I am intimately familiar with the texture and cut. After watching your gentle breathing from a distance, I go to the kitchen to get a vase and some water for the flower I picked for you from our garden.

Coming back to the living room, I set the vase on the table beside you, then kneel down just to watch you sleeping. The gentle rising and falling of your supple breasts, barely hidden by the unbuttoned neckline of the shirt; your dark auburn hair cascading in ringlets, framing your face and gracing your shoulders; your legs and feet, bare, tanned and resting gently together and curled, into a loose fetal position.

You must sense my presence, because you stir, unalarmed, your sleepy brown eyes open, slightly, taking a minute to focus on me. When you do, a smile comes across your sweet lips, and then you see, for the first time, the single, yellow rose I brought you. Your smile increases, and your arms reach for my neck as you tell me “I dreamt about you.”

As you pull my face close to yours, I delight in the scent of your sweet breath, mixed with the traces of the perfume you love so much. Our lips meet, then I feel your tongue being thrust into my mouth while your hands lock my lips to yours. Your tongue, searching desperately for mine begins to arouse me and I reach for you, sliding your body across the slick surface of the leather, to where your breasts are pressed against my chest.

My hand wanders down to the hem of the shirt, then, sliding it up, across the backs of your thighs, discover that you have not yet dressed since our lovemaking, earlier. My fingers delight in the smoothness of your skin, and the firmness of your exquisite derriere, which yields, wantonly, to my touch.

You break the kiss to bury your face into the nape of my neck, where you breathe deeply, bringing in the scent of your lover, and then begin to kiss, lick and gently bite the skin on my shoulder, left exposed by my tank-top as your fingers intertwine in my hair and you dig your nails into the back of my neck. I cannot help sighing deeply as my arousal becomes intensified at your urgings.

I pull you off the couch and into a kneeling position beside me, so my hands can trace the curve of your naked hip, then briefly abandoning the feel of your flesh, they reach for the buttons of the shirt, to expose all of you to me, to gaze upon, to touch, caress, kiss, taste. The combination of the cool air touching your now bare breasts and your desire for me almost instantly cause your nipples to harden in anticipation of us sharing our love.

Your hands are not idle, either, my love. They reach for the stretchy cotton of my tank-top freeing it from the waistband of my shorts. Then, somehow without ever quitting kissing my shoulder and chest, you, in one motion, pull the shirt over my head and push me, on my back, to the floor.

Almost immediately, your lips move to my breast, and I exude a deep moan as you suck and lick my nipple. I feel your breasts against my stomach, my erection straining the fabric of my shorts, as I again reach for your sweet bottom, grasping it, cupping it, squeezing it, then moving my fingers between your legs, find the wetness of your passion. Exploring further, I find your clitoris, and begin gently caressing it with my fingers.

You break your contact with my nipple, with a delightful squeal, and then turn, your derriere toward my face, as you unsnap and unzip my shorts. Again, you make a sound...this time a playful one, as you discover, that you, my love, are not the only one who has neglected to don underwear after our morning romp.

You immediately bend over me, teasingly keeping your sweet pussy from my mouth, as you take my full erection into your mouth, holding it there, against the back of your throat as your hands spread my legs wide and begin holding and gently massaging my balls. You slowly slide my hard cock through your lips, as your tongue plays with the sensitive underside and traces the shape of the head.

I beg you, my darling, to allow me to taste your nectar, and you reward me by replacing your mouth with your hands as you use your legs to pin my arms down, then position your dripping honey pot to where I can suck your sweet nectar, like a bee to a flower. You begin to move and moan with the urgings of my tongue, but your hands never leave me; your fingers of one hand massaging my now heavy balls, the other tracing the outlines and veins on my now raging erection.

I alternate flicking my tongue and sucking on your clitoris with circling and exploring your heavenly gate, and even occasionally use it to tantalize your anus. The sighs, gasps and moans of your first orgasm are music to my ears; a reward for loving you just as you like it, the way that no other man knows. Wave upon wave, your orgasm racks your body, sending pleasure from your beautiful pussy to all points of your wonderful body.

You arise, quickly, to lay in front of me, your legs open wide, exposing yourself to me, and no words must be exchanged, at this point, for me to know how I can please you, further.

I kneel between your wide open legs. My hands reach for your hips, and I lift them, slightly off the floor, as you use your hand to guide me into you. I am still kneeling when fully sheathed inside you, and I move my hands to the small of your back, to support you, as you wrap your legs around my waist and sit up, wrapping your arms, again, around my neck, and drawing your lips to mine in a passionate kiss.

Holding the cheeks of your derriere in my hands, our bodies begin to move in rhythm, and the combination of my lifting, your legs pushing against my hips and my bouncing slides me in and out of you in an ever quickening pace, bringing us closer and closer to the ultimate expression of our love for each other. The sex intensifies with the emotion as we draw closer and closer to the point of release.

Then, our bodies in unison, I hear you gasp and moan, as, with a growl, I begin filling, again, your wonderful pussy with my seed. You cling to me, and I to you. You lower your face to my shoulder and sink your teeth into it with a biting, sucking action. I pull you into me, aware of every point, curve and cranny of your body.

We collapse in a heap on the floor, spent. Your head resting on my shoulder, your fingers playing with the hair on my chest, you tell me that you love me before returning again to sleep, curled safely and warmly under my arm.

widowsaddiction 47F

12/22/2005 8:25 am

Excellent! I enjoyed this very much, and look forward to the next!

pairdds 53M/52F

12/23/2005 8:32 pm

Thankyou for the story, i love reading seductive sexual erotic stories with a little romance, they get my motor running. I will also be watching for the next one.

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