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"I don't like the bed. Stand in front of the mirror."

She stood in front of me, reached around and pulled down my fly. Slipped her hand inside, slowly squeezing and releasing, feeling my pulse as I hardened inside her grip.

She smiled at me in the mirror, her breath deepening.

"Okay. Now."

I circled each nipple slowly until I felt them harden, then unbuttoned her shirt and threw it aside. She lifted her skirt with one hand. I reached down and caressed her thighs, stroked her mound, slowly making my way between her legs and felt the wet fabric of her panties.

"I love that," I whispered in her ear. "The moment I feel your wetness on my fingers."

"Yes. Spread it around my clit."

I pulled her panties aside, put a finger on each side of her pussy and exposed her clit. I ran the middle finger of my other hand across her lips, getting it wet with her cream then circled her clit. She reached down and lightly, slowly, fingered it as I slipped a finger inside her.

"Just like that. Perfect."

She squeezed my cock harder as she moaned and her face flushed and pushed against my hand, driving my finger in deeper.

"Oh. Fuck. Mmm."

She took my cock out of my pants and put it between her legs. She squeezed my cock and spread a drop of pre-cum around the head of my cock.

"Hold still."

She fucked the head of my cock with just her lips and clit. Looked so sexy, so erotic in the mirror. With one wet finger she stroked along the bottom of my shaft, send electric waves through my cock.

I pinched her nipples the way she likes, pulling her breasts out in a tight peak.

"Harder, Squeeze my nipples harder. Fuck my clit."

I thrust harder and faster, building momentum, her juice flowing around my cock, her finger still teasing the underside of my shaft, the waves building throughout my cock, my balls, hips, my stomach tightening.

She leaned forward and put a hand against the mirror. Our eyes met. Her mouth fell opened and she moaned as she squatted a little, her hips shuddering and she came, her head lolling back and forth. Our eyes still connected.

She squeezed my cock hard every muscle from my knees to my neck pulsed as a jet of cum hit the mirror. She released her hand and watched the cum flow around her fingers.

We gradually slowed our pace, fucking until we dropped to our knees, catching our breath, smiling at each other in the mirror.

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