What else I miss?  

takemenowDD 52
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8/7/2006 6:00 am
What else I miss?

How does one define intimacy? It comes in so many ways -- knowing someone's likes and dislikes and making it a part of everyday life...

Some things that I miss:

1. knowing my partner's favorite things and preparing them for him ... trying out new creations and the fun of anticipating it all going well and the pleasure that follows

2. knowing that my frailties, foibles, and unique approaches to things are appreciated for the intention behind them ... and that it's ok to try again if a mistake happens (it's no longer the end of the world)

3. exchanging the trust and fun of a new relationship into the trust and knowingness of an established one ... having it grow deeper and deeper where what is shared between the two is something intense, passionate, and loving ... putting that first as the intention all along

4. that look ... across a room where we can connect to the place that the two of us share ... those mini-worlds available at any time any where

5. a good long intensely passionate kiss ... an old fashioned make out session where the kissing is the main attraction and it just is the ONLY thing that exists ... The best kiss of my life was with a partner who knew me and my soul, so when this kiss came it was a combination of passion for the whole package and to this day, it still takes my breath away just thinking about it

So each day, we work on ourselves ... perfecting what we don't like, indulging in our fancies, and moving toward a place where that harmony exists and you can BE with another and all is good.

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