the weekend  

tadpudgy 56M
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7/22/2006 4:31 pm
the weekend

ahhhhhhhhh, to borrow from "The Sound of Music", i can only say......."The hills are alive with the smell of nookie.......". been browsing blog-land, and getting my daily fix of humor, thought provoking issues, and stuff to make me smile. Been posting lots of comments...all positive and supportive, because the tadpudgy-man does not do negativity, anger, pissing, moaning, (fill in your vice too), etc. but i get bits and pieces and have put together that there will be much interaction of a sexual nature with many of you. sigh, after 4 years of abstinence, i would love to hear something besides "I love you like a brother", "Let's just be friends", (fill in your own kiss of death here). maybe a (sorry Partridge Family) "Lay down, I THINK I LOVE YOU" would sound nice. *HUGS AND SMILES TO ALL*

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