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tadpudgy 56M
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7/24/2006 6:52 am

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7/26/2006 5:45 pm

the most

as i ready myself to head into work for my closing shift tonight(me hopping up and down with excitement), i came across another bit of pablem about "The Sexiest ________ Alive". These lists come out for man/woman/athlete/etc., and it makes me wonder who is interested in this, and why. i guess it is entertaining reading. PEOPLE magazine runs alot of these Sexiest/Most Beautiful publications, and as i understand it, it is amongst their better sellers. what do you think about these lists, the 'experts' who put them together, and who do u think falls in your list of sexiest/beautiful? as writer of this blog, i have to disqualify myself from your list, as much as i know u want to put me on it!(SNORT,GUFFAW,DERISIVE LAUGHTER,UNCONTROLLED FITS OF GIGGLING!!!!!)

rm_CuummDrop 48F
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7/24/2006 7:09 am

Different things, could be physical qualities, could be all in the mind, but what i feel is a sexy attribute is selflessness... One that puts forth for others, not of one's own self. That's what i feel is sexy..

i have a biased opinion, who i think is sexy is none other than, clitalicious67 she has such a warm spirit about her, one that is giving and not self centered. Thou' she says it's all about her, i know better...

Then,, ZZ_Todd he's been thru some shit in the past, and in my belief he has come up thru the muck, as a gentleman..

That's what i think is sexy... Now, Richard Gere on the other hand,, grins.. The things i could do with him...

So am i still on you're dance card?


Now won't last forever, so use it wisely~c

tadpudgy replies on 7/24/2006 8:11 am:
you betcha ms Drop!!!!!! Damn, you are scaring me....we think alot alike. did u see mr gere in "Shall We Dance"? (Wouldn't want him on same dance floor, then which of you hunny's would dance with me!!!???) *****Your eyes are still hypnitic******

clitalicious67 49F

7/25/2006 5:01 pm

Blushing...she always leaves me C~

tadpudgy replies on 7/25/2006 5:42 pm:
she does a lot to me too, but speechless isn't first thing that "pops" up!! hug-gasms!!

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