hmmm, still wondering  

tadpudgy 56M
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7/11/2006 7:41 pm
hmmm, still wondering

wondering about the reality of these websites for adults who want sex. still want to give this a chance. i am realistic about the fact u have to be attractive in order to have some one attracted to u. how many are honest about not putting emphasis on looks, body types, etc.? i read some real honest sounding profiles. some pictures were of stunningly pretty women who said that even an older man that fit my description was not an issue, as long as i have "skills". i am not comfortable still to hook-up a webcam or to try and upload photos. would rather meet somewhere discreetly and know from first impression if the potential is there. i people watch, and see alot of odd pairings. i ask, is it his money, his penis size, tongue skills, or what, that brings a plain guy together with a hot woman. of course the answer seems obvious, it just happens.

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