beacon of hope  

tadewi52 59M
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7/14/2006 6:36 am
beacon of hope

a falling star
can not be seen
without the darkness
to reveal its solo flight

yet stars fall during the day
with no eyes to witness
their demise from the heavens
from the oneness and unity of all things

to a separate individual consciousness
no longer on auto pilot,
but alone and separate
and even while once shining high in the sky

making up the collective all
you were nothing without the darkness
for out of the darkness came your light
and we saw its glory and the celebration of life

now fallen star, you have entered a new place
and again darkness is everywhere
but now you can be seen night and day
unless you hide your light from others

but please little star in flight
shine that I might see you so bright
that I might be drawn unto you
for I am just like you, a fallen star

and together, here, in our separation
even as you drew my eyes upward unto you
we are to be drawn to one another
to complete our flight by remembering

we are one in spirit and conscious
that we are parts of the collective whole
that the stars in the heavens look down upon us
and we are to them as they are to us

and when this physical dimension is over
I will look for you once again where I found you first
In the sky a beacon of hope shining in the darkness
but I will no longer wonder who you are ~

~ wicapiwakan tadewi

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