The first meeting...  

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11/10/2005 9:42 am

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The first meeting...

I can sense it the whole day. We've been emailing and sending pictures to each other for a while, but I'm nervous. I am sweating as I pull up to the cafe we decided to meet at, wondering if I will ever have a chance and in that case be able to perform to her expectations. I know she's gorgeous, and I also know she's a complete turn-on with her energy and imagination.

I take a deep breath and get out of the car. I walk up to one of the tables, and there she sits. She doesn't see me at first, and I'm thinking about bailing out of there. I catch myself right away and start laughing inside... That'll be the day, spend all this time in the car just to choke at the moment of truth. Not this guy.

She looks up at me with those sexy eyes, and I can't help but to undress her in return. I'm sure she can see what I'm doing, and I am embarrassed. I can't help it, and I just wish that I could turn the clock forward a few hours, hoping that I during this time manage to catch her interest.

I slip into my job suite.... I can handle anyone being a "potential client." I smile and greet her, putting my hand out for a handshake.... Damnit!

"What did you just do," I'm thinking to myself.

She giggles and shakes my hand. I sit down opposite of her. She looks at me for a second, and I get the feeling that she is looking right through me... reading me like a book. She then get's out of her seat and slides in next to me saying, "Ok. Let's get a little bit more relaxed, shall we?"

Under the table, I feel a hand on my thigh. All my senses light up like the panel of an aircraft ready for take-off. I'm not sure how this is supposed to be relaxing at all.

Her hand slowly moves up my leg, and I can feel how my member is beginning to throb more for every inch that she's moving her hand. Then she stops. I look around in the restaurant as I fear that the whole place must see how my cock is about to go through the table. Her hand doesn't move anymore though. It just sits there on my leg. I can feel it, and I am quietly begging for her to continue what she did. I am replaying in my mind, time after another, what it felt like when her hand was moving. God, my cock is so hard now... and here comes the damn waitress.

She quickly orders, without pulling her hand out from underneath the table. I can't even think about food, let alone read a menu. All I want is for the waitress to leave before she figures out what is going on. I feel how I'm blushing, and suddenly she comes to my aid, "why don't we just have some coffee, and we can decide later on what to eat?" I nod, and the waitress, is off to get us some coffee.

Her hand moves a little closer again, and as I don't dare to look down, I try to estimate how far she is from my cock now. I'm sure it's almost there.... Just a little bit more and she would touch it... pleeeaasee...

She leans into me and whispers into my ear, "How are we going to get you out of here, babes?" I can feel her breath in my ear, and I'm in pain now, feeling completely exposed and totally helpless, as I can't possibly stand up in front of all these people. "I-I-I don't know," is all I can muster for an answer.

She grabs my hand with her other hand, and stands up. "Come here, babes." She leads me into the restroom, and closes the door behind us. I am just looking at her as she turns back towards me. She walks up and whispers into my ear, "You have to be quiet now, ok."

I think I nod, but I'm not sure. I feel how she undoes my belt, and slowly (at least it feels that way) pulls down my zipper. My khakis fall to the ground and I can feel how my rock hard cock is completely exposed. She looks at it and then back up into my eyes with a smile on her face and says, "Aww... poor baby.... but, I'll help you."

She finally touches it and my eyes close in initial relief. I can also feel her tongue play all over my tip and down. Then she begins to send sensations of pleasure through my body with long soft strokes while my cock goes in and out of her mouth. I never knew a blowjob could feel this good. I just don't want to come. I want more, but I can feel that I'm getting closer no matter how I try to battle against it.

All of a sudden I hear her whisper, "Hey, look!" I look down and see that she has unbuttoned her blouse. I see those beautiful breasts that I saw on the net, but this time, she wears no bra. I see her eyes, and I start thinking of all the other pics I saw. I lose it. My body goes into convulsions, and I'm just trying my best to be as quiet as I can. I can feel how I'm cuming, and how one jolt after the other is tearing me to pieces. I know I'm making a mess, but I can't help it. I'm completely at her mercy.

Seconds later, it's over. I'm trying to catch my breath and clear my vision. She stands up and wipes her hands off with a paper towel. She grins and says, "That's how I like to shake hands." I'm still shaking and can't even think of something to respond with.

I know, I'm not going back out to that room to drink coffee. I want her now. I want to smell her, taste her, feel her, hear her, and I don't want to wait anymore now.

She looks at me with those beautiful eyes. She smiles and puts her arms around my waste. "Ok, hun, now when we know each other, let's get out of here."

FiestyLoree 50F
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11/11/2005 3:39 pm

all I can say.....damn!

nakedarkangel 42F
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3/27/2007 6:56 pm

first meeting haunts me..

"Ne te quaesiveris extra."

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