The secret life of .... Chapter 1 part 1  

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6/8/2006 5:34 pm
The secret life of .... Chapter 1 part 1

The smoke lingered in the bar like drunken men at closing time. The smell of frat boy spilt beer encrouched my nose. I sauntered to the bar and ordered a tequila, straight. As the bartender poured my drink, my eyes became transfixed on a women sitting alone at the end of the mahogany. She was stunning, decked out in a black Dolce & Gabanna blazer with a matching skirt. A white silk blouse draped half open to reveal ample breasts. I got my drink and strolled over to next to an empty seat next to her.
"Hi," I smoothed like a cat, "My name is Bill."
It is not really Bill, it is a game I play in case some poor desparate woman tries to hook up with me again; I can always avoid the second calling.
"Hi, I am Jill", her voice was silky like an aged bourban.
"You look...a little lost here.". this was an understatement. Here is a beautiful woman, sitting alone, in a fairly crowded college bar with no one around her.
"I was waiting for an old friend, but it seems like a no-show"
"I'll be your friend tonight.", I smiled.
Yes, I got the mojo working now I thought. A few more drinks with this girl and she is mine. My heart started to beat with anticipation. And she looks to be an out-of-towner, all the better.
"Ok", she replied, "I could use a friend here."
"well, welcome to the party", ahh stupid line man, where is your head, get in the game.
"So what do you do?"
You, I thought, but not yet. I got this going for me. Damn, I can't look her in the eyes they are so beautiful. A slightly kohled emerald green. Her hair, oh god, her hair is long, black, and silky. She looks way out of my league, but here I am talking to her.
"I am a...daytrader.", yeah that sounds good.
Her slender tongue darts to the straw in her drink and brings it to her ruby red lips. She slowly begins to suck on her drink like a lost lover, "I am a assistant to a CEO of of fourtune 500 company"
"Nice.", I choke out.
Ok, man, get ahold of yourself. remember Cabo and that mexican chick. Same thing only you are not as drunk.
"you play pool?"
Hell yeah I play pool. That is my territory your talking now. Mojo regained, "yeah sure."
We made our way to a table, past a half dozen frat boys eyeing shots of something potent, heavy lidded and leaning on most of the table.
"Rack em", she reached over the wall and grabbed a cue stick.
I dropped a few quarters into the slot and started to rack the balls. My eyes glued to her every movement. She moved with the grace of a panther stalking her prey. I was hoping I would be it. As she leaned over to break, I caught a glimpse of the lacey tops of her sheer black thigh highs. Her ass was plump, yet muscular, and she had the sleek legs of a runner. She broke. The balls scattered and one of them, the two, tetterd on the edge of the pocket for a while until it finally made its' descent into the leather cup.
"Nice break"
"Thanks. It was all luck, I don't play that much."
She had two or three good shots, but sauntered over to in front of me and stretched out across the table for much more difficult shot. Her skirt rode up to where I could see the edge of her ass. I stared, my tongue almost to the floor. What I didn't see is that she was looking in the Miller Lite logo mirror across from us, glimpsing at my eyes watching her ass.
She missed.

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