American night  

synful7413 42M
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6/5/2006 7:17 pm
American night

The sun goes down like a whore to her knees
Into the arms of a dark warm narcotic american sky
Tancelike Zen
The night brings a sense of freedom from humdrum existance
Like see-through lingerie, we hide nothing
As if Dionysus came down from the hills, we run amok
Churning and yearning
Sweaty dance on the floor
Skin to skin infatuation
Milking eachother to climax
Ambrosia is not the drink of gods
It is the taste of sex on your lips
It is your hips
And the way you move
The way you toss your hair
The stare in your eyes
It is release
Freedom is not a country, it is a state of mind
Will you be free tonight
An American night
Full of melting pot sensuality
And dreams of tomorrow
Will you let your life go
Worship one another
Like we are gods
And taste the nectar of life
Brimming with anticipation
Boiling with heat
Sweating songs of lustfullness
Dripping with americana
Are you free tonight
Are you a patriot tonight
Would you sacrifice yourself tonight
To the beating drums of battle
Of elation
To be one with the world
For a split second
Reveling in the chaos
Of united affairs
Are you the one tonight
That makes life a little more fun
Are you the one that is "under the gun"
Are you american
Are you the one

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